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This weekend was a very memorable weekend for me that more than likely would not have happened if it weren’t for my best friend or Groupon. First let me tell you that I am often labeled as a “cheap skate”. Well… really that is how people usually refer to our whole family. I say “let people say or think what they will, they are going to anyways.” Anyhow when I was a teenager, which was quite awhile ago, I was obsessed with the New Kids On The Block. My friends and I played their songs over and over again while riding bikes, laying out by the pool, and of course at sleep overs. Today I still listen to their music.

Our family loves entertainment just as much as the next family but we are also a one income family which means limited funds to spend on recreation. Don’t get me wrong, we have everything that we could possibly need, we just do not spend endless amounts of money on leisurely activities. We do everything as cheaply as we can.  I love music, but I am not the type to runs out and buy tickets to concerts on a whim. When I found out that NKOTB were going to be in Orlando, and knowing I had already missed their concert in past years, I decided to check out the price of tickets. My heart plummeted when I found out that the price of tickets were between $55 all the way to $500 for VIP tickets. I agonized over the decision to go or not to go. I knew that I did not want to pay even $55 dollars a ticket for both me and my husband since we would also need a hotel, money for food and gas. So I made the decision to forgo getting tickets yet again.


That is until I received a call from my best friend telling me to check on Groupon, and that they had a deal for the concert. I was so excited when I found out that we could both go to the concert for the total cost of $66. I was ecstatic and we immediately purchased the tickets as my early birthday present. The date finally arrived to attend the concert and it was a truly amazing experience(pictures below). We were able to go and enjoy ourselves for a fraction of the original ticket price and Groupon made it possible.

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Groupon is a deal website that was launched in 2008 that helps customers to purchase local deals for restaurants, health and fitness, automotive, and lots of other entertainment. I signed up to receive emails with any local deals that I might be interested in. Our family does not purchase Groupon deals all the time but it has helped our family save money on activities that we would not have been able to do. It allows us to save money on some services that we will use such as airport parking or even purchasing tires for our vehicle. While we were also able to have a weekend of fun and create some beautiful memories.

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Who knows what they will have in store for us in the future, maybe I will get to see more of my inner teenage girl. A girl can always dream right? Or maybe just a cheap date night or a girls night with my mom and daughters. While being frugal is great, saving money should never deprive us of having new experiences with our family.



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