You cannot organize clutter (Flylady)

flylady image 1Nowadays everybody is running at warp speed at all times. I don’t know about you but I have found things that I have put in the refrigerator that didn’t belong there or found refrigerated items that were forgotten in the vehicle after a hasty trip to the store. I’ve had overdue library books or bills that I was frantically looking for in my rush to send them off in the mail. I find as a wife and a mother that I am always angry at myself when mistakes like this happen. I verbally berate myself and spend time feeling guilty about such things as the cheese that was accidentally left on the counter after fixing a sandwich. There is always going to be unexpected situations such as sick children, broke down vehicles, unexpected guests, and even broken appliances. It is best if we find some way to keep our family and homes more organized.

I remember many years ago when I was pregnant with my first child, I found myself with an abundance of time and a very cluttered, messy home. I would often try to organize my home and I would go shopping and find all these neat organizers in the store and I just knew I had found the answer. This really cool gadget was going to be the answer to all of my problems. So I would spend the money, bring home the items and immediately pull everything out of every closet until it looked like I had let loose 25 toddlers in my house and immediately start working. After a couple of hours my eyes would start to glaze over and I would feel defeated and even more depressed. Then everything would go back in the closets to hide and be forgotten until I felt the motivation to organize again. It was a viscous cycle and I was never able to accomplish anything.

I was researching for answers to this reoccurring problem when I stumbled upon  As soon as I started reading the information, I knew that I was destined to be a “Flybaby”. Some of the reasons I really like her method is that she doesn’t want us to feel guilty for the state of our home. She wants everyone to take “baby steps” and “Jump in right where you are”. The key is to start slow and build upon the new habits. To start by “shining your sink” and go from there. My biggest “aha” moment for me is when she said “you can’t organize clutter”, that is what I had always done in the past. You must first declutter a little at a time and start building a morning routine with activities that help your day to run smoothly. Such as getting dressed (all the way up to your shoes), unloading the dishwasher and prepping for dinner. A night routine is just as important to help the next to be great from the start. This helps us flybabies to keep our families on track and not to be grumpy with our loved ones.

My first step was to visit the website and sign up to receive emails. The emails immediately began and consisted of information with how to get started so as not to become overwhelmed. I created my morning routine and evening routine and kept working on decluttering until I was ready to start working on zone missions. Every week there is a new zone of the house to work in and everyday there is a new zone mission. I even purchased and read Sink Reflections so that I could learn even more.

Flylady has helped our family through many different stages in our life. After all these years we still have a morning and evening routine, we still print out the journal to help us at Christmas time, and we still complete the home blessing routine every week. Does our house get messy? Do we sometimes need help getting back on track? Whether it is a zone mission, a five minute room rescue or just decluttering, we just jump right back.

If you are living in CHAOS, can’t have anybody over syndrome. Flylady could be your answer.



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