Wrapped up in Handcuffs – (Twisted Bond by Emma Hart)

Twisted Bond_300x800If you are looking for mystery/suspense, verbal sparring, and lots of sexual tension, you need not look any further. Add a feisty female, sexy and controlling male along with a loud and temperamental Italian family and you have a fascinating, humorous and sexy read.

Emma Hart blows me away with her unique, in depth storyline in each series that she writes. How many authors can write about college students with tragic pasts like in the Game series professional football players in By His Game series, and now cops and private investigators and yet portray them all equally. These are just the three series that I have read of hers so far and she has done an amazing job providing her readers with believable, heartbreaking, and other times humorous, love stories. If you can’t tell I am definitely a big fan of Emma Hart. I already have her Burke brothers series in my TBR pile. She is just that awesome!

Twisted Bond is the first book in the Hollywoods Files series that is centered around a humorous and boisterous Italian family with various careers in law enforcement. Ex-cop Noelle Bond who runs her own private investigator business seems to be under attack when dead bodies start turning up on her property. Noelle is a very strong willed heroine that has a penchant for cupcakes, Jack Daniels, and her many concealed weapons. Drake Nash, Noelle’s adversary, is a sexy and controlling detective who is now investigating Noelle and her staff in order to solve the case. It was immensely entertaining watching the sparks fly between Noelle and Drake throughout the story. Their love/hate relationship kept me reading long into the night and way past my bedtime. As steamy and hot as most of their scenes were, Noelle’s nonna brought plenty of humor to the story. She was constantly nagging on Noelle to marry a strong, Catholic, Italian man before she becomes a zitella. Nonna’s many antics and escapades to marry off her grand daughter and her lectures about her mother country was absolutely hilarious. Twisted Bond provided everything that I look for a in a good romance. A bossy, opinionated, and independent female, sexy, protective, alpha male and fierce and loyal family/friends. I highly recommend this book and am anxiously awaiting Tangled Bond, so I can read more about the Bond family.

You should go,” I breathe, not moving

“I should.”

“So do it.”

“I can’t.”

And just like that his lips move across my jaw and cover mine.


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