Week End Review 8/25/2015-8/30/2015

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We had an amazing week at Rochelle’s Reviews full of cover reveals, release day blitzes, blog tours, thoughts on older books, and some delicious recipes. We include recipes because we have to eat to keep our strength for reading right? So here is a look back at our week in case you missed it!

8-25-2015  Surrender– Come check out Anna Jaye Wilde’s book and get to know Kayla Valentine and -her sexual adventures. This is sure to rev your engine.

8-26-2015  Scandal Part 2– We get another dose of Jaxson and Ella and they are filled with even more passion, intrigue, and curiosity.

8-26-2015  Chicken Dumpling Recipe– Get ready for the cooler weather and busy school season with a quick and easy recipe cooked by the crock pot. What more could you ask for?

8-27-2015  Texas Sage– Take a step back in time and experience one of Sandra Brown’s older but much loved romances. Sage and Harlan are sure to provide hours of entertainment.

8-28-2015  Perfectly Equipped– Let Sean wow you in many ways at a nudist colony none the less! This book will leave nothing to the imagination.

8-28-2015  Storm– Get a glimpse of a smokin’ hot book cover and read an excerpt that will leave you wanting more.

8-29-2015  Fearless– Get to know a little about Ben and Devin and how love can can conquer all.

8-29-2015  Dream Girl– join us for a reveal of a sexy cover and read some titillating text that will have you fantasizing about finding love on TV.

8-30-2015  Tough Love– See what Jodi Foster’s new book Tough Love is all about, Stack and Vanity are heating up the place.

8-30-2015  Chicken Bacon Ranch Casserole– Another yummy dish for a quick “school night” dinner.

Next week, stay tuned for a review of “Because of You”, by Connie Lafortune. I’ll announce the release of “Dream Girl” by Alexis Alvarez.  “Schooled” by Piper Lawson, “Impulsive” by Anna Jaye Wilde, and some sweet recipes sprinkled in between.


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