Walk A Mile In Our Shoes (Fitbit)


We all know as middle age approaches so does middle age spread, or at least for me it has. Once we reach our 30’s we lose anywhere from 3% to 5% muscle mass every decade. So for example if a woman is 125 pounds when she enters her 30’s and still weighs the same as she enters her 40’s  and hasn’t done any type of exercise then she will essentially have more body fat than she did at the age of 30. Add to that hysterectomies, sedentary jobs or lifestyle and you have yourself a unhealthy often obese nation. It is sad and life is often unfair but these are obstacles that we all must overcome to be a fit person. Notice I didn’t say skinny person because that doesn’t always speak of being fit either.

Since our family is health conscious, we are always looking for ways to become a healthier household and ways to form better habits. So when we first heard about owning a fitbit, we decided to give it a try. So we bought a Fitbit Zip since it was the most inexpensive out of all of the models and we were hooked right from the very start.

Immediately our family fell in love with the online dashboard. People, us included tend to focus on one aspect of fitness and our health is really multifaceted. Let’s be honest, a person is not going to achieve ultimate fitness when following a exercise regiment if diet, water intake, or even a proper sleep schedule is being adhered too. So Fitbit really knew what they were doing when they included all of these areas when creating a online tool to help everyone who buys there product to achieve true fitness. We are able to record our water intake, account for our calories and see how our activity output compares to what we have ate. Some models such as the flex and charge are able to keep track of your sleep cycles such as how soundly you have rested and even how many times you roll over.

Another truly remarkable feature is the online groups to join, since it has been proven that connecting with other like minded people can help you reach and even exceed your goals. There are many diverse groups that include people with similarities in either location, age, type of exercise, or even jobs. You can even find people that you already know and see how their stats for the day and challenge them to a friendly competition to inspire you both.

We have been a member and proud owner of our Fitbits for over a year and we love seeing our steps accumulate and it inspires us to go that extra mile. We anxiously await our weekly report that shows up in our email to see if we have met our goals for the week. We only use these tools to motivate and obtain our fitness goals. On the weeks when we are unhappy with our progress, we do not let it discourage us. We know that life is a marathon not a sprint therefore we do not let obstacles in life throw us off course. We may stumble but we will never falter.

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