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We began our homeschooling journey over five years ago. When we made the decision to bring our girls home to learn,  we were a little intimidated by choosing our own curriculum and instructing the girls, so we chose the use of a virtual school. Slowly we became more confident and concluded that it was better to choose our own curriculum. After five years, we now feel like we have found the right educational tools. Of course as the old expression “you have to kiss a lot of frogs” says, it took us a little while to find the right fit.

One of the aspects of learning that seems to disappear in public school as the student grows is Spelling and vocabulary which is an area that we feel should not be forgotten. No matter what age we are we can always benefit from learning new vocabulary, the different meanings and how it is written. Even as adults we are still encountering new words and grasping for different word choices.

So we chose to supplement with the Spelling Workout Modern Curriculum for various reasons. We like that the words in each lesson are similar in some way either because of their meaning, a certain vowel pattern, or because of the prefix/suffix. The words are also listed in both cursive and manuscript. There are varying activities for each lesson including reading passages, challenging crossword puzzles, creative writing, use of antonyms/synonyms, and proofreading skills which help to prevent boredom. Following every four lessons is a review of the previous word lists to help retain what they have learned. There are several different workbooks from A to H that are suggested from 1st through 8th grade but can be used at whatever level the child needs.

Whether these workbooks are used in conjunction with a homeschool curriculum or during the summer to keep a student’s skills sharp, there is no such thing as a child learning to much.

Spelling Workout
spelling workout workbooks



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