Unbroken by Emma Fawkes

I was contacted by this author and given an ARC for an honest review on Amazon and I enjoyed reading it so much that I decide to feature here. I have a bit of fondness for stepbrother romances, especially since I read Stepbrother With Benefits which is one of my favorites. The forbidden has always appealed to me, in literature anyways.  Emma Fawkes presents an original storyline with enough of a background to show depth in the characters but not too much to lose the reader’s interest. That is a tricky tight-rope for a author to walk, yet she managed without folly.

Little did I know when I started reading Unbroken: A Stepbrother RomanceUnbroken: A Stepbrother RomanceUnbroken: A Stepbrother Romance by Emma Fawkes
He thinks he’s damaged goods, unworthy of her love. She wants to prove him wrong, but trying to get through his tough shell is like kicking water. Milly Hamilton falls hard for her patient, the crazy sexy but emotionally unstable ex-marine Cameron Watson. She nurses his wounds and tells him secrets when she thinks he is still unconscious. But things change when he is transferred to rehab, and his traumatic past keeps resurfacing, tu
ing their budding relationship into one headache after an...
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Genre: Erotic Romance
Release Date: 2015-07-10
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
that I was going to get a special treat and get to read a stepbrother and a military romance all in one. That is like getting a scoop of chocolate chip mint and chocolate peanut butter ice cream together without the extra pounds on my backside. What can be better than that? Not much I can tell you.

Let’s start with the sexy, tattooed man who is laying in a coma in a military hospital. He keeps hearing this angelic voice talking to him about all types of inappropriate subjects such as her trysts with an arrogant doctor and other intimate details about her life. When he opens his eyes and beholds a breathtaking view of said angel then he is truly enchanted. In the midst of  recovering from the IED explosion, struggling with fears of being discharged from military and with a domineering father, he and his angel become closer still.

Milly is very content with navigating life with her nursing career, controlling mother and coffee dates with her best friend. That is until she lays eyes on this beautiful military hero who is in a coma and she is inexplicably drawn to this stranger and becomes his own personal Nightingale. She begins to rely on these one sided conversations and looks forward to the day she gets to see those beautiful eyes. Once he is awake, their connection grows and there attraction is undeniable. Little do either of them know that their parents could rip their new found happiness apart.

Unbroken is a forbidden love that happens among very realistic circumstances. The words that this story speaks to me is that we should never let others dictate who we can love or let life events define who you are. What happens at the end you ask? Well that I cannot tell you. Why would I want to take away one of life’s many pleasures of reading a book and making your own interpretation of what the author was trying to express.


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