Time for a little Damage Control – (“Micah” by Jo Raven)

Micah 2Jo Raven knocks another one out of the park! Micah is the first book in the “Damage Control Series”, which is a spinoff from the “Inked Brotherhood” books. I loved that amazing series and was very happy to read more about those characters. There’s just something about sexy bad boys who need to be saved from themselves and the beautiful troubled young woman who can’t resist them. Jo Raven has a distinct way of giving her characters depth by showing her readers their flaws through the character’s tragic past. Reading Micah was not any different in that respect.

Micah is a blonde haired, hot, tattoo artist who grew up in the foster care system until he took matters into his own hands and became a street kid. Evangeline is a red hair, green eyed beauty who has a huge heart for people in need. She is scarred and injured from her past and is trying to sever ties between her ex-boyfriend and break the spell he has over her family. Her and Micah are inexplicably drawn to each other. He cannot forget the altruistic angel who saved him and vows to find her and show his gratitude. She is haunted still by the image of the sick, young man that she had tried to help and doubts her ability to save anyone. Can they save each other or will their friends or family tear them apart?

Jo Raven has proven once again that she can simultaneously write about overcoming tragedy and heart thumping romance that will replay in our minds for hours. Micah and Evangeline were hot enough to almost overheat my tablet and romantic enough to make me want to read Micah and the Inked Brotherhood all over again. No worries though, the second book Jesse in the Damage Control series will be out towards the end of the month. Cannot wait to see what Jo Raven has in store for us.

Micah 1


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