This Coke Is On You ( My Coke Rewards) (Part 1 of 2)

My coke rewards We love getting FREE stuff, so we’re always on the lookout for more ways to get our favorite products really cheap. This means that we’ll sign up for perks any chance we get. In this house we are soda lovers and we often have guests that like to partake of our soda stockpile whether during a sleepover, birthday get-togethers, or the holidays. We always try to have plenty on hand for all occasions. Now, I’m a Pepsi girl myself (shhh..don’t tell anyone) but we have many soda drinkers in the house that do not discriminate. So when word got around to us about the “My Coke Rewards” program, we immediately signed up and start earning our rewards.

My Coke Rewards is a program designed to compensate you with prizes and swag for being a loyal consumer and buying their products. Some of the rewards are high value coupons for more of their products (more soda!), magazine subscriptions, gift cards, free photos with Shutterfly, and many more.

 Two ways to earn these prizes are by submitting codes and participating in +Status. Codes are very easy to redeem. Just remove the perforated edges on your fridge 12 pack or unscrew the cap on participating bottled beverages enter the code stamped on the inside. These include products such as Dasani, Powerade, as well as their line of soft drinks. The points differ depending on the amount of product in each package. Twelve packs are worth 10 points, and bottle caps are worth 3 points. Once you enter enough points, you can then redeem for prizes and product coupons. Another way to earn more rewards is to complete certain task or do activities with +Status which starts with bronze and goes all the way to gold. Using this feature and earning a higher status will unlock a catalog that correlates with each level for bigger rewards and gifts. Once you sign up, you can level up with activities like tweeting or uploading videos on social media. The more activities you complete the higher the value and quantity of the gifts to choose from.

Next week, I will share with you the different ways that we maximize our rewards. We love to use all of our resources in the most beneficial way possible. So if your family members are partial to soda, specifically Coke, then sign up at and start redeeming points and completing activities today. Happy shopping!




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