There is such thing as a free lunch..and a whole lot of swag (swagbucks)


As I have mentioned before, our family does just about anything we can to save money. Sometimes our ideas work, other times not so much. Five years ago we found a way to earn gift cards and we have been doing so ever since then.
We had discovered a search engine that is called Swagbucks. Instead of using other search engines we use swagbucks as our homepage and are rewarded randomly with swagbucks in different amounts.


There a variety of other ways to earn swagbucks. For instance, we installed a tool bar that alerts us when there is a swagcode which we then type in the swagcode area in the upper right hand corner of swagbucks homepage, we are then rewarded with a set amount of swagbucks. Some other ways to be rewarded are by taking polls, filling out surveys, playing games, and printing coupons. One of the best ways to earn substantial amounts of swagbucks is by completing various offers listed on swagbucks homepage. We have earned swagbucks for ordering flowers for Mother’s Day, signing up for Netflix and many other ways. We have also earned by shopping online at such places as Target and Walmart.

Once we earn a sizable amount of swagbucks then we shop for different prizes in the rewards store. We are partial to redeeming our swagbucks for Amazon gift cards even though there are all different types to choose from. They have choices for all different retail stores, itunes, fast food, playstation store, even gas cards. A person could even choose to donate swagbucks towards a charity to help rescue animals or in support of the Red Cross.

We have used our Amazon gift cards to buy a multitude of different items over the years. We have purchased many gifts for birthdays, Easter, Mother’s and Father’s Day, and Christmas. We have bought anything from webkins, camping accessories, TV series, exercise videos, books, and clothes along with many more items. It has benefit us in many ways and I hope it will do the same for your family as well.



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