There is nothing wrong with..(Fighting Dirty by Lori Foster)

I received an ARC via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

I have to start out by saying Yes! Yes! Yes! We finally get a much needed fix of Armie and Merissa after being teased by Lori Foster all throughout the Ultimate series. Armie and Merissa have been skirting around their attraction and now we get to see the sexy explosion when these two finally come together. As much as I have enjoyed getting to know all of the men in the SBC fighting series, I have been waiting breathlessly for Armie. You know what they say, save the best for last, and that is exactly what Lori Foster did. She finished this series with the inevitable.

“Armie wasn’t crude, but he was up-front and very plainspoken about what he wanted, what he liked, how he liked it. But with Rissy, he wanted so damn much he couldn’t measure it.”

Merissa also known as Rissy by her friends and Stretch by Armie has been yearning to get her sweet little hands on both Armie’s body and his heart for years. Everyone knows it and has been watching the embers burn between the two of them. Armie has been a part of Merissa’s life since she was very young. Armie being her brother Cannon’s best buddy, he was like part of the family. As Merissa became older her feelings for Armie morphed into so much more and she has been infatuated for years. She is sweet, naturally curious, kind hearted, a little sassy and has a rockin’ body which prove to be a deadly combination to Armie’s defenses. What I love most about Merissa was her independence in the eye of danger and her loyalty to Armie, no matter what, she stands by his side, even when he pushes her away.

“Never before had he been so acutely aware of a woman, but this woman had only to breathe and it turned him on. Having her in his apartment was like foreplay, even though sex wasn’t on the agenda.”

Hmmm..what can I say about the delectable Armie. He is appealing in every way from his suggestive t-shirts, notorious foursome, and his penchant for kink. What I adore most about him are his humble and caring ways that he sacrifices for others. Since Merissa was sixteen she has been in Armie’s heart and starred in his fantasies. He has avoided her and focused his appetite on other women because he believes that he is not good enough for her. He feels that his past will eventually be exposed and he doesn’t want her to be a target. Now that he has agreed to be fighter in the SBC and will be under increased scrutiny, staying away from Merissa is more crucial than ever. That is until dangerous situations leave both of their emotions torn open and raw and they have to finally admit what has been there all along.

“I have whatever I need to make a lady happy. And by happy, I mean screaming as she comes.”

Armie and Marissa sizzle in the best way and warm our hearts. Fighting Dirty is the perfect ending for fans of the Ultimate series. All of these sexy, muscled fighters have caught our attention and captured our hearts and among them Armie more than others. Lori Foster gives us a world where these sexy, noble, fighters pack more than a punch. They knock you out with their love for community, physical challenges, and their undying passion for their women. Don’t worry ladies, we get to see more of Leese, Brand, Justice and Miles in a new series which I am sure will grip our hearts just as much and leave us impatiently wait for our next sexy fix from Lori Foster and her amazing characters. You can pre order Fighting Dirty now or if you haven’t met these gorgeous Ultimate Fighters start with Gage and his feisty woman Harper in Hard Knocks and you can also check out my review on Tough Love with Vanity and Stack. These men will leave you craving more than muscled heroes instead of chocolate.

“You own me, Stretch. For better or worse. Today and forever.”


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