The Mistakes (Off Limits #3) by Elizabeth Brown

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

The Mistakes by Elizabeth BrownHaving already read The Lessons and The Rules, the other two books in the Off Limits series by Elizabeth Brown and having a penchant for romance with a side of forbidden, I was more than happy to snuggle down and get cozy with Winnie and Mark in The Mistakes. It wasn’t long before buttoned up Mark Bishop and slightly wacky Winnie Masters had me laughing and panting throughout their story. They are hilarious, hot, and very creative with all the places that they can get their freak on!

Winnie is one of the most outrageous heroines that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to know and since I am huge fan of rom coms, that is saying a lot! I adore her and Ainsley’s relationships and couldn’t wait to see what scheme these two besties would be cooking up next. I love how innovative Winnie is and wish I could get my hands on one of her “naughty baskets” from Treasure Trove. Let’s not forget the steam that rolls off of Winnie and Mark when they are in the same room which is enough to incinerate any reader.

Mark Bishop is a dressed up hottie that knows how to push all of Winnie’s buttons and does so again and again and again. I fell hard for this hero who heats up any situation and keep us begging for more. I never expected a lawyer to be so “hands on” but I loved envisioning him in both his suits, sweaty in his soccer clothes, and in jeans with sawdust clinging to his chest. He is the best type of man candy that will leave you with a craving like none other.

Elizabeth Brown delivers a scorching heart felt read that is sure to tickle your funny bone and melt you in all the right places. I highly recommend The Mistakes for an enticing romance with great characters and plenty of twists and turns! Elizabeth has me giddy with anticipation for future books in the Off Limits series. Who doesn’t like stories about gorgeous soccer playing heroes, sassy heroines, and forbidden love?

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