The Games Continue Still (Sidelined)

I am back on my favorite topic, which of course is reading. I definitely see a pattern developing Emma Hart is very quickly becoming one of my favorite authors, so don’t be surprised when you see more reviews on her books in the future. Every book I have read by Emma Hart just impresses me even more than the last. Her character development and her ability to bring aspects of real and current life situations into her stories, just makes the romance between the couples that much sweeter. My experience with her book SidelinedSidelinedSidelined by Emma Hart
ing: this book contains a ridiculously sexy alpha male, a strong, feisty heroine, and probably an overuse of the f-bomb. Three people. Three motives. Three reasons. When the game leaves the field in the second book in the USA Today bestselling BY HIS GAME series and mixes with sex, lies, and betrayal, the future isn't the only thing on the line... Macey Kelly has swo
off men. Unless they’re going to zip in and out of her apartment—and her vagina—quicker than they can giv...
By His Game Book 2
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-03-02
Kindle Price: 0.99
was not any different.

Right away I was hooked with the story line, I love rooting for the jilted woman and her new beau. Every woman has at some point in their life been taken for granted whether by a significant other or even a friend. Maybe that is why this story line seems to appeal to most women. Emma Hart brings a bit of a twist to the story that makes it more original. What starts out as a love triangle with a surprise pregnancy, quickly involves another silent person who also figures into the equation. I immediately fell in love with the sexy, foul mouthed, cocky, outrageous, Jack Carr and thoroughly enjoyed his verbal sparring with Macey. I had developed a girl crush on the spontaneous, sassy, jaded, unapologetic, Macey while reading BlindsidedBlindsidedBlindsided by Emma Hart
Two people. Two agendas. Two games. What happens when the out-there It-Boy of football meets the secret It-Girl of fashion? As the daughter of Hollywood’s sweetheart, Leah Veronica can’t even buy a coffee without finding her face on a magazine stand, so it’s no wonder she’s launching her first fashion line in secret. With it debuting at New York Fashion Week in just under a month, extra time in the spotlight is the last thing she needs. The son of the best quarterback the league has e...
By His Game Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-01-12
Kindle Price: 0.99
(See Review) and couldn’t wait to read more about her.

Macey is a determined, wounded, second time college student who has resolved to only have meaningless sex and never involve her heart again. Jack has also been hurt and would like nothing better than to continue pursuing his career with the Vipers football team and reap the benefits of adoring female fans that can deliver casual sex. After meeting Macey, Jack decides to change the rules the game and is trying to convince Macey to run the same play over and over again without involving their hearts. While Macey and Jack are clashing wills over setting boundaries their past decides to interfere. Both Macey and Jack have been hurt and even humiliated by their exes which has left them without a level playing field. Can they find happiness and love with one another?

After reading this book, I am anxious to read the last book in the series, Intercepted. I look forward to reading more about Reid and his son, and I am sure that Emma Hart will surprise me again with her storyline and introduce new characters that will have me enamored from the very beginning.




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