The Forbidden Fruit (Stepbrother with Benefits)

perfect couple not perfect situation

What is it about the forbidden that just makes it so much more appealing to us? For instance when we are on a restricted diet, isn’t that usually when we crave cake even though it was not something that we normally eat? For me this is usually the case and maybe that is why I usually choose a book with forbidden relationships, such as a vampire falling in love with the vampire hunter, or a guy developing feelings for his best friend’s girl or his best friend’s sister. So it is not surprising that the stepbrother romances have been extremely popular. So naturally I was curious and had to see what I was missing. Now that I have read several, I can definitely say that “StepBrother with Benefits” by Mia Clark has been the best as of yet. I fell in love with the characters from the start and was impatient to see where the story was headed.

He’s my bad boy and I’m his good girl”

I enjoyed reading from both Ethan and Ashley’s perspective and the way Ethan often addresses the reader. Not only was this a very steamy read but there was also a great deal of humor which kept me laughing till the very end. Mia Clark did a wonderful job interweaving bits and pieces of their history to give the reader a vivid picture of their feelings and their past relationship together. This book was very entertaining and I look forward to reading all of Mia Clark’s future writing. I have it on good authority that we will read more about Ethan and Ashley. Until then I will just have to read their story over again.

Update, the wait is over. The new season of Stepbrother with benefits is now released on Amazon. The first book can be read now and the books to follow will be released every two weeks. I cannot wait to read more about Ethan and Ashley.

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