That Warm and Fizzy Feeling Inside (Soda Stream)

soda stream syrup bottles

In this household, we often look at our expenses and reevaluate what we can do to lower our costs whether it is utilities or product expenses. We noticed that because we are home all the time we spend more than the average family on soda. So we started researching ways to save on beverages and that is when we first became curious about the Soda Stream products. Once we heard the statistics for Sodastream averaging out to about a quarter per cup, and that the flavors do not contain high fructose corn syrup or aspartame. We decided it was worth trying.

So we then purchased a Soda Stream machine starter kit which included the machine, a CO2 tank, a refillable liter bottle, and a variety sample pack of syrup flavors. When it arrived in the mail we immediately started making our own soda and have done so ever since. Each compact syrup bottle is the equivalent of almost three twelve packs! The refillable bottles hold a liter, so the soda stays fresh. We have purchased extra liter bottles over the years and we always have a variety of different soda flavors. This allows us to offer a myriad of beverages for our family and friends whether it is sparkling water, Crystal Light, or soda.

For convenience and lower cost, we have several CO2 tanks and liter bottles so that we can make our own beverages even while traveling in our motorhome. When one of our CO2 tanks is empty we visit a nearby Kohl’s and exchange it for a new tank for a fraction of the cost. We were even fortunate enough to be selected to receive free Sodastream machine when we hosted our own Sodastream house party. It now has permanent residence in our motorhome that way it is never forgotten at home.

Sodastream is a perfect fit for our family and maybe it will be for yours as well.  Try a SodaStream Starter Kit and find out how much more delicious homemade soda can be!



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