“Thank you for helping me make it through just..”(One More Day by Auryn Hadley)

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

As I write this I am suffering from major book hangover from getting to know three of the most amazing heart felt characters Mack, Ryan, and their sidekick Colby in One More Day. Auryn knows how to show a character’s strength fighting and living each day to the fullest. Her writing will capture your heart and wring every emotion from your body in the span of one book, and managed to slay and soothe me at the same time. Mack and Ryan are light in a tunnel of darkness, sexy innocence, and a budding love that flourishes in the storm.


Mackenzie Lawrence is having the worst day of her life, until the brightest ray of sunshine steps in and gives her a shoulder to cry on. She has been struggling through life watching a super hot guy from afar at the local coffee shop while drawing and enjoying her caramel machiatto everyday. When her world comes crumbling down, she finds that there is still hope in the form of two amazing people. Mack soon learns that what is important in life is not all about superficial looks but the strength that lays within yourself and the ability to lean on others and let them share the burden. It was heart breaking at times watching Mack go through so much but her journey also left me with a feeling of hope and empowerment. Her tenacity in the face of such hopelessness is to be admired and teaches us all that life is precious. Grab and hold tight what you hold dear, never let go, and to fight each and everyday.

“Ryan had finally given in, and this way one thing she knew how to do. She wanted to hear him. She wanted to feel him in her hand. She wanted to give back just a bit of the pleasure he had given her over and over.”

Ryan Sterling is so much more than defined muscles, vibrant tattoos, and an over all sexy package. He is shy, giving of himself, intelligent, and sensitive. Auryn gives her readers a caring, hot, hero that wields a tattoo gun instead of a sword, dons inked sleeves instead of a cape, and drives a motorcycle in place of a horse. He is Mack’s knight in shining ink and by the end of the story I was completely and utterly enamored and in awe of his character. He doesn’t just protect Mack, he helps her find her strength to fight her unseen enemy, celebrate life everyday, and look forward to a bright future. There is nothing sexier than a man who is selfless and will help fight for his woman.

“But I don’t wanna hurt you,” she said softly. “I know, sweetie. Thing is, doesn’t matter if you’re twenty-five, or a hundred and five, one day you’re gonna die, and it’s going to hurt like hell. We can’t stop that. So I’m gonna take what I can get.”

The third person that truly spoke to me through out the story is Colby and his scary looking outer shell and his gooey center. He is the epitome of loyalty and friendship that we all should give to others and be lucky enough to receive. He took my heart with his quirky sense of humor, candid speech, and his unwavering friendship. I hope to see him in future works by Auryn wearing purple taffeta and achieving his own happy ever after. He had me totally besotted and giggling like a school girl and helped to brighten the story during solemn times. He was a burst of sunshine peeking through the clouds and rain.

“Grats, bro. You braved the jungle, slayed the dragon, and got to be the knight in shining armor.”

One More Day delivers a modern day tale of a knight and his princess slaying a dragon that many fight everyday. Auryn had me shedding tears while gaining insight and hope. I was not the same person after reading this book than I was when beginning this literary journey, that to me is a sign of a truly talented author. She brings a story to life with complex beautiful characters and an illness that continues to touch and steal lives on a daily basis. Hadley delivers a cloud with a blinding silver lining and a breath taking rainbow at the end. I highly recommend for a inspirational love story with substance, heat, and laced with humor.

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One More Day - Colby


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