Sugar (Delicious Boys and Sweet Treats #1) by Misti Murphy

Sugar by Misti Murphy


I’m just a girl, standing in front of a display case, trying to decide between chocolate and cupcakes.

Seriously decadent, panty soaking, melt in your mouth chocolate. The ultimate love drug.


The cupcake with its smooth, sweet icing, its gooey center, and cream that spurts out when you…

Wait! You thought this was actually about sweets?

Well kinda, but it’s also about men.
Two of them. Gabe and Dylan. Friends. Business partners. One charming chocolatier, one brash baker.
I’m pretty sure I’m not supposed to want either of them. After all, I moved to Reverence to escape gossip and mend my broken heart.

But I do want them. Both of them. How am I supposed to choose between two hot guys who are determined to win over this quiet kindergarten teacher? Indulging my sweet tooth is out of the question. Falling off the wagon can only end in pain.

But like any addict, one taste isn’t nearly enough. Can a girl really have her cake, and fall in love with two?


From the moment I opened up Cocky F@#ker, the third book in Misti Murphy’s Tangled Desire series, I have fallen madly for her writing. With each new book I have become a little more obsessed and addicted to the desire that she builds and the amazing characters that she creates. So, when I read the blurb for Sugar and realized that I was going to read her first menage romance and experience a double dose of the delicious heroes that she pens, I was ready and willing to partake in a new fictional journey! What I didn’t expect when I first encountered Dylan, Gabe, and Summer was lots of laughs and another jaunt down the streets of Reverence with visits from past characters, along with all the heat and sugary sweetness these three characters concoct together. Misti Murphy takes us to a fictional world filled with decadent desserts, wildly inappropriate fantasies, and no need to make a decision between which man or which dessert would fulfill your latest sweet tooth…we as readers get to have our cake and eat it too, minus the calories or the heartbreak!

Summer Sweets is settling into Reverence and getting ready to take on a new elementary school class but what she doesn’t expect is endless cupcakes, homemade chocolates, and two of the most gorgeous men on the planet! I couldn’t help but laugh at the hilarious situations that Summer ends up in, especially in front of her two men. I love seeing her discover her bravery for going after what she wants…even when it is unconventional.

“I can barely remember who I was before these two men decided they wanted me between them. The girl who couldn’t choose, the girl who knew indulging was a bad, bad idea”

Gabriel Nash is what you would consider the clean cut, handsome all American male who happens to be a chocolatier and part owner at “Eat Me” bakery. But what a reader soon finds out is that there is more than meets the eye with this hero. I couldn’t help but fall for his dominant side that only comes out to play when Summer is around. The man is all hearts and flowers until it is time to get down and dirty and then you better watch out!

“There’s a guy on my doorstep. A hot guy. The kind of man you can’t look at straight because he’s too damn gorgeous.”

This wouldn’t be a decadent tale without the tattooed bad boy Dylan O’Brien that makes heaven filled cupcakes and has a dirty mind and a naughty sense of humor that no one can rival. I enjoyed every minute spent with this guy, who is co owner of “Eat Me” bakery with Gabe, and the star of every girls fantasy. I couldn’t wait to get up close and personal with Dylan and learn more about this man who exudes desire with every smoldering stare.

“Tall, sexy bakers who sport art all over their insanely chiselled biceps and give good face are probably the worst.”

Misti Murphy gives us the most delectable, sweet toothed read that is sure to satisfy every craving both in and out of the bedroom. I highly recommend Sugar for a guilty pleasure that goes right to our imagination instead of our waistline. Gabe, Dylan, and Summer keep things steaming hot and sickening sweet and leave us begging for another rush of sugar and.. you know. I cannot wait to step back into this fictional world and see what new hunger Misti’s writing will spark inside of us with the next book in the Delicious Boys and Sweet Treats series. Bring on the sweet and sexy!

“I’m as addicted to them as I am to their sweet treats. Give me cupcakes and Dylan, give me chocolate and Gabe. I’m a greedy, greedy girl who wants everything they offer.”

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