Stumbling Into Love (Fluke My Life #2) by Aurora Rose Reynolds

Stumbling into love by Aurora Rose Reynolds


From a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author comes an unexpected romance about trying to resist the irresistible…

Mackenzie Reed has officially been stood up. Not only has she wasted two years on Mr. So Not Interested but now she doesn’t even have pizza and the Mets to keep her company. Then he walks into her life—more than six feet of rugged, hot stranger. Maybe, just for tonight, Mac can pretend to be a girl she’s not. After all, she deserves a little no-strings fun…

As far as Wesley Porter is concerned, one night with Mackenzie isn’t nearly enough. She’s a mystery he wants to solve—if he can keep her from running for the door every time they touch. There’s obviously some serious chemistry between them, so why is she fighting it?

As one sexy hookup turns into another (and another), Wesley is determined to prove they were made for each other. But Mac has been hurt before, and she refuses to fall for this sexy, ridiculously perfect guy. In fact, she has every intention of fighting it…unless he can convince her otherwise.


After reading most of the books from Aurora Rose Reynold’s Until Her series, I have truly fallen in love with her writing and didn’t think that I could fall any harder but I was soon proven wrong once I started her Fluke My Life series. The humor is refreshing and filled with spontaneity, the scenes are scalding hot, and the characters are amazing and after the second book, feel like family! I just knew after meeting both Mackenzie and Wesley in Running Into Love that they were going to be over the top with steam and complication!

Mackenzie Reed is a no muss no fuss type of girl who likes to spend time without makeup on, in sweatpants, with her hair in a messy bun. She has been burned by a crush before and is now weary of any relationship so when Wesley enters her life, he definitely has his work cut out for him. I actually feel a little sorry for him when dealing with the skittish and stubborn Mackenzie, but what is not to love about this awesome heroine? Besides Wesley is up for a challenge and Mackenzie gives it spades!

Wesley has that bad boy cop vibe working for him. All I know is this guy is all smoldering intensity and is not going to let Mackenzie run away. To bad he is only fictional because I would be willing to let him handcuff me to his bed and throw away the key for sure! Wesley had my libido and heart all kinds of worked up for him before his story was even started. I couldn’t wait to see him rock Mackenzie’s world and prove everything she thought she knew about men wrong!

Aurora Rose Reynolds did it again. She gave us a spectacular second story to the Fluke My Life series and gave our hearts, sex drive, and funny bone a run for their money! I highly recommend Stumbling Into Love for an emotional, extremely hot, and funny adventure into a love that is sure to knock reader’s socks off! The more I read Aurora Rose Reynold’s stories, the more besotted I am left constantly begging for another taste of her amazing characters and touching story lines.

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