Spread Wide (Eye Candy Handyman #1) by Falon Stone and Nix Stone

Spread Wide by Falon Stone and Nix StoneSpread Wide was exactly what I expected and wanted when I decided to open up this little gem and get my read on. I wanted hot, dirty, and fast and Falon and Nix Stone delivered with an introduction to a group of sweaty half dressed handymen and the extra hungry women who hire them and the pulse racing, sweaty palms, and elevated libido that soon accompanied their story. Falon and Nix start us off with a mouth watering, tool belt wearing Hunter Ross, and his sexy, blond, slightly older, starved for attention client.

It wasn’t long before a whole house was in a state of disarray being remodeled and a Cybil and Hunter were in the throes of passion. Falon and Nix had the sounds of sawing, moans of desire, and pictures of a certain construction worker getting down and dirty filling my head. I highly recommend Spread Wide for a novella that will leave you dreaming of a little home remodeling of your own with shirtless men who love to service their clients in more ways than one. I cannot wait to get another look and lick of these delicious eye candy handymen in Worked Hard (Eye Candy Handyman #2) and get up close and personal with the cocky and hot as hell Garrett. Who knows what Falon and Nix will have in store for us next but I am sure excited to find out!

Our Motto is “Get Nailed by the Best.” I’ve yet to cross that line with a client, but I can see myself slipping with Cybill

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