Special Release! Candy Crumble by Shannyn Leah

Candy Crumble

by Shannyn Leah

A Lakeshore Candy Prequel

Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: February 14th, 2016
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited: Yes

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Book Description:

Abby McAdams’ Gran has just died and she is not coping well. Why can’t her sisters just leave her alone so she can grieve in peace? And why can’t she sleep through the night anymore? To quell the chaos inside her, Abby turns to alcohol – just like her dad. But the quiet and closed off new guy in town, Riley, intrigues her. She feels comfortable in his presence and her tension seems to dissolve when he’s around. Riley’s quiet demeanor calms her nerves like no drink can. But Riley keeps his walls up, punishing himself for past mistakes.

Will Abby continue drinking to forget, becoming an alcoholic like her father, or will she turn to Riley instead to find her peace? And will Riley let her into his life, or turn his back on her forever?

Candy Crumble is a prequel novella to Lakeshore Candy. Get a glimpse into the lives of Abby McAdams and Riley Boyd before their romance began. Can be read BEFORE or AFTER Lakeshore Candy. The story about a growing friendship and can be read as a Stand Alone.

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Official Review:


Was this how it was always going to be with her? Friends with a dash of tease?


Candy Crumble is another fantastic novella by Shannyn Leah. This in-between story takes place between Lakeshore Love and Lakeshore Candy making it 3.5 in the series.

Abby McAdams is a distraught young lady who has recently lost her beloved grandmother, and she is spiraling from the loss. Abby’s a sweet thing but has a bit of a devilish way about her. Especially when it comes to Riley. She will do anything to get a rise out of him.

Riley is a new guy in town with a troubled past. He has secrets that he is not willing to share with anyone. He is trying to forget about the pain and not become too involved with anyone else. However, Abby makes this extremely difficult for him to do.

It was wonderful to see them start to care for each other and I found myself wanting them to get together. Can these two, with so many problems, work it out to be friends or more?

I have had the pleasure of reading several of Shannyn’s books. I love how well written they are and her characters are loveable and believable. This book leads into right into Lakeshore Candy. As you can guess that will be the next book I will be starting.

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