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Anyone who knows our family also knows that there is one recurring topic in our house. That topic is saving money. It doesn’t matter what item needs to be bought for our household whether it is auto repair parts, purchasing carpet, or tackling a DIY project saving money always applies. Often people cannot believe what we will do to save money. One of our biggest savings each year is renewing our Amazon Prime membership. Often times people look at a price tag of a big ticket item that we purchase and say “Wow! that is a lot of money!” without considering the savings over time. We always have the end road in mind when we make any purchase. We consider what convenience a product or service provides, the initial cost as well as any recurring costs, and if it will save us money over time.

When we made the decision to subscribe to an Amazon Prime membership we considered the initial cost and the renewal fee once a year. We determined it saved our family money since we purchase so many products from Amazon. We only buy products with the Amazon Prime logo beside it, so that we do not incur any shipping costs, plus we receive the item within two days. The two day shipping has saved us many times when buying a last minute gift or a novel needed for school. Who wouldn’t love that in this fast pace world find themselves in need of something last minute?

Another one of our favorite benefits is watching TV series and movies for free on Amazon Instant, which comes free with a prime membership. We watched the entire series of 7th Heaven as well as the latest Hunger Games movie without paying or leaving the house. We are also able to stream millions of songs through Amazon Prime Music for free as well. We also receive unlimited cloud photo storage that we can view on a multitude of different devices. Another great benefit included is advanced knowledge of Amazon lightning deals for great prices on the more popular gifts that are a must buy for birthdays and Christmas.

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