Sometimes Love is worth…(Breaking Even by C. M. Owens)

I have become completely addicted to the Sterling Shore series, the characters are sexy, funny, and loving. Having read the first four in a box set, I had to immediately turn around and purchase the rest. In Breaking EvenBreaking EvenBreaking Even by C.M. Owens
What happens when one neighbor pisses off the other? They end up in a brutal prank war, of course. But neither of them expects what happens when they can’t break even. Rye Clanton I told myself a long time ago that I wouldn’t—couldn’t—fall in love. I’ve seen what happens, the things they don’t tell you in fairytales. But I never saw Brin Waters coming until she had thoroughly invaded my life. Until her, I never laughed, joked, or even knew how to have a good time. Until her, I ju...
The Sterling Shore Series Book 5
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2015-01-03
Kindle Price: 2.99
, C. M. Owens has seduced me with this series and I cannot resist all of her amazing characters and addicting story lines. Whew! I thought that Loving War was hot and funny, Brin and Rye had my heart and my laughter from the first page.

Rye Clanton and Brin Waters have got to be the funniest and wittiest couple that I have read about so far in the Sterling Shore series. From food coloring to tampered donuts, this couple had it all in their prank war that turned into sexy scenes and heartfelt declarations. They kept me entertained, rolling on the floor laughing, made me fall in love, and boy was it full of steam!

Rye Clanton has quite the skewed view of love due to his troubled past. When he encounters an angry, sexy, neighbor banging on his door and bull dozing his porche, his heart is in a world of trouble and a prank war begins. He is an irresistible, pierced, tattooed bad boy who needs a woman who can give him sass and love and that is exactly what Brin can offer. If only love were worth it all. Rye is the complete tattooed, muscled package with an awesome sense of humor. I couldn’t wait to see what he thought of next to torment his new woman.

“You said truce! I yell, glaring at the door like I can see through it. “Believe me, that wasn’t revenge. That was just a taste of what’s to come.”

Brin is a newly divorcee who is living life by her own rules and is no longer willing to settle. The longer this fun, unconventional friendship goes on with her gorgeous neighbor, the more that she is convinced that he would never be interested in a “Plain Jane” like herself. She knows that she is heading down a dangerous path involving her heart and the ever closed off Rye. If only she could resist his funny antics and his hard and muscled body. I absolutely loved Brin with her quick wit, short temper, and her genius brain for pranks just blew my mind. She needs someone like Rye to help her see the fun in life and the fun they create together is off the charts.

“She’s always been my quiet neighbor until this past week. Then she turned into my enemy. Then it became a fun war that excites and infuriates me in the same breath. But until this moment, I’ve never thought about her as anything more.”

C. M. Owens outdid herself with the laughs between friends and family in this original, funny, love story that will affect your heart and your funny bone. I highly recommend for readers who love books with a sense of community, heat, love and uncanny humor that enriches the story. Next is Wren and Allie’s unique love story. Who knows what C. M. Owens has plotted for them. Everyone of her books in this series have their own nuances and the same amazing characters which makes for a spectacular read.

“I blame her. It’s all because of her straddling me last night. My mind hasn’t been right since then. I keep picturing her under me, over me, against the wall…It’s a long damn list.”

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