So Much More Than Popcorn And A Movie (TV Night by Maria Monroe)

TV NightJenna and Jace, Jace and Jenna it doesn’t matter how you write it they have been best friends for over a year and are complete opposites. Jenna loved having her TV night with Jace every week and hearing about all of his wild sexcapades. Was she jealous? No she was perfectly content with her “vanilla” sex and her tamer guys. Who needs wild and kinky sex to be happy?

Jace and I are good at being “just friends,” and that was the first time he’d even come close to crossing the line. That look. It was the look someone gives you right before he moves in to take what he wants.

Jace with his tattooed muscles, motorcycle and racy extra curricular activities did not appeal to her. That is until time alone in Jace’s house and access to his toys peaks her curiosity. Before you know it, Jenna is thinking naughty thoughts and wanting extra snacks to provide a different flavor on TV night. After hearing him call her “sugar’, I can’t say that I blame her. Jenna is starting to think that vanilla is not as tasty as she first thought.

Why is my mind going there suddenly? Stop it, I tell myself. This is Jace. Your friend. Your weird, hot, tattooed, perverted friend.

What does Jace do when he finds out that Jenna’s interest is piqued? I will never tell, but it is not a story that you want to miss. Find out how adding a little something extra besides popcorn and a movie can make a weekly TV Night between two friends a lot more entertaining and a little more R rated.

“You’ve been thinking about it, haven’t you?” I nod. “Imagining all the possibilities, all the things I could do to you?” “Yes,” I whisper.

LeatherIt is time for weekly TV night again with Jenna’s favorite sexy guy friend Jace.  Jenna is not sure what entertainment is in store for her tonight but watching a movie in her sweatpants is not her idea of fun anymore. Her curiosity about Jace’s risque lifestyle changed everything and did nothing to appease her interest. Last week was beyond her wildest dreams, leaving her confused but ready for a sequel packed with even more action.

There’s something about him, though, that takes away all my rationality, turning me into a creature of sensuality, driven only by my body and its desires

Jace has more in mind for Jenna tonight than a comfy chair,  TV and a remote. It involves a little bit of  drama,  stunts with interesting props, and a climatic ending with Jenna being his sexy co-star.

“I love you like this,” he says. “I could never get enough of you, Jenna.”

So don your favorite pair of pajamas, grab your beverage of choice, and get ready for the second episode of the Jenna and Jace show. Leather builds anticipation and excites the senses. I, myself cannot wait to see what sexy adventures that Jenna and Jace are up to next.


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