Snack On This (Cheerio Bars recipe)

cheerio bars

“Mom, I’m hungry! Can I have a snack?”

All of us women ponder these same questions all the time. What to feed the masses, how much food to buy, and what kinds of food to buy. These are the same questions no matter whether you are feeding two people or twenty but the answers are always different for every family.  For us with six people home all day everyday and usually extra girls on the weekends, these are questions that we have to answer constantly.

Before we started couponing, one of my biggest dilemmas was finding snacks that appealed to the kids without being to expensive for the budget. So I would venture online and try out all different kinds of recipes on my guinea pigs…excuse me “children”. I could usually tell right away whether the recipe was a keeper on how many seconds the kids and hubby would ask for. I learned really quick that cheerio bars were a crowd-pleaser. Peanut butter is a go to staple in this household since no one is allergic and everyone loves the taste and compliments so many different foods; who doesn’t like peanut butter and bananas? I found cheerio bars to be a low cost snack with protein that satisfied their hunger and everyone seemed to enjoy. Recipes that meet all those criteria must be shared, at least in my opinion. So here goes..

Cheerio Bars


1 cup honey

1 cup sugar

1 cup peanut butter

6 cups of Cheerios


Combine first 3 ingredients in a pan and melt over medium heat

Pour mixture over Cheerios

Stir and press into a greased pan

Then cut into squares and serve to the hungry monsters

The size of the pan depends on how thick you would like them to be. In our house these are always a big hit and they quickly disappear, especially when the women are not home to monitor the snacks. So if you are looking for a tasty treat with very few ingredients, this is a good choice. From our kitchen to yours…enjoy!snack quote



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