Slate your.. (Wicked Lust by Sawyer Bennett)

You know me, I am always trying to push those boundaries, actually it is more like “what are boundaries?”. The moment I read the blurb for Wicked Lust, I just knew I had to experience Cain and Sloane. So ladies and gents, it is time to get out those cowboy hats and dust off those boots because Sawyer Bennett knows how to take you on  a wild ride that leaves you breathless and a little dazed.

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Having heard how popular Sawyer Bennett’s books are, I was so excited to read Wicked Lust, the second book in the Wicked Horse series. This book pushed me to my limits on steaminess but in an “oh so good”, “did they really just do that?” shocked way. When someone writes a series about making sexual fantasies come true, you expect it to be over the top hot and kinky, and Sawyer more than delivers! She impressed me with both her story and her character development. Caine and Sloane are scorching hot yet realistic. Their story is one laced with deception, sexual discoveries, insecurities, and doubts. I was left with both my head and libido spinning.

“They’re extremely proud of what they created, which is a protected environment where people can indulge in their most wicked fantasies.”

Cain Bonham is well known for his penchant for kink and his abilities as a maker of fantasies. He is sexy in that dangerous foreboding kind of way and gives both his security job and his sexual activities the same intensity. He keeps the women weak in their knees and vying for his attention. When a sweet and innocent hot blonde catches his attention, he plans on pursuing her after hours. Cain has that raw, edgy, sexiness that makes a girl quiver in all the right places and boy does he introduce Sloane to array of new sexual pleasures. He is the type of hero that makes sure his woman is cherished and kept satisfied.

“Shut up, Sloane,” his is amused, but his eyes are intent. ” Let me get you off and then we can talk.”

Sloane Preston is quite the conundrum with her undercover work and awakened sexual curiosity, she quickly weaves herself into a web full of lies and debauchery. She was easy to like from the beginning with her understated sexiness, sweet look, spunk and her abilities to bring Cain to his knees and ready to fulfill her every desire. She was like a fire cracker and made you just want to sit back and watch the show when she and Cain ignited.

“She looks like a metaphorical piece of apple pie, all sweet and sugary.”

Sawyer Bennett brings to life characters with depth in a dark and sensual world that entices and draws you in. I cannot wait to read the next story in this series and find out more about Rand and Catherine in Wicked Need, but while I am waiting I plan on reading all about Wolff and Callie in Wicked Fall, the first book in the series. I highly recommend for lovers of down and dirty sex scenes and a love that develops in the most unlikely of places.


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