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Mystery Shopping Rocks!

We have never been your typical family. We have always made choices that are not considered the norm so to speak. Yet the decisions that really stand out are usually the ones that have served us well. In the past we have chose to cloth diaper, use coupons, build a stockpile, homeschool, make our own baby food, wipes, bread, and vanilla. So those who know us would not be surprised that we also do mystery shopping.

Mystery shopping can be really lucrative. A person can choose to do on site mystery shops or phone calls so it all depends on what your preference is. A lot people would ask “What is mystery shopping and how do you become a mystery shopper?” When a business wants to assess if their employees are following protocol then they contact a mystery shopping company. The mystery shopping company then assigns a shopper to either call or visit the business location. The shopper usually has a designated time that they have to complete the shop. Once the shop is done then the shopper answers a series of questions online describing the customer service, presentation of the store, description of the employees and so forth. The mystery shopping company then compensates the shopper by reimbursing money spent on the transaction, a small payment or sometimes both. There are mystery shoppers needed for a wide variety of businesses. Some of the locations that our family have visited are car lots, apartments, retirement communities, auto shops, pet stores, home improvement stores, casino cruises, fast food places, sports bars, hotels and the mall.

For those that are interested in becoming a mystery shopper the first step is to find some reputable companies and complete an online application. Beware of agencies that ask the person applying to pay a fee, these places are not legit. Listed below are companies that we have found to be trustworthy. So whether you are looking for a flexible schedule, an excuse to go shopping or an evening out with a friend or spouse consider mystery shopping.

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Shoppers View –
Second to None –
Shoppers Critique –
Conferno –
Secret Shopper –
Intellishop –


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