Review: Worth It All (The McKinney Brothers #3) by Claudia Connor

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

Worth It All by Claudia ConnerWhat drew me to this book was the blurb mentioning that the hero and little girl in the story have a prosthesis. I am always ready for a unique story with deep characters so even though Claudia Connor is a new to me author, I was excited to jump right in. Claudia amazed with her story telling skills and her characters that a reader can’t help but grow to love. By the end of the story, I felt like I was part of the Mckinney family and wasn’t ready to leave. JT, Paige, and Casey obliterated my heart in every way possible!

Paige Roberts is a single mom working two jobs and trying her best to give her five year old daughter everything that she didn’t have growing up. They may not have much but Paige gives her all the love that she can. Page is a cautious, jaded, woman that does not believe in happily ever afters with a prince. I felt like I really got to know this heroine and crawled inside her heart to feel all of her worries about her and Casey’s future and her desire for Jake. I admired how she grew throughout the story and learned that you can lean on someone and love someone without getting your heart broken or being less of a parent.

Jake Mckinney is a man that has let one fateful argument shape his whole world. Now six years later he is wearing a prosthetic and owns a cutting edge prosthesis company. He thinks that is all he able to have in life and shuns his family and relationships until one day when he encounters an inquisitive little girl missing a leg and her beautiful, wary mother. From then on, he knows that his world will never be the same again, but can he forgive himself for his past to have a future with them? Wow! As the story went on, I loved the broody Jake more and more! What he lacks in limbs, he makes up for in sexy good looks, chiseled muscles, and heart. He had my heart from the moment he met little Casey and kept it prisoner the entire time.

Claudia Connor delivers a love story that goes straight to the heart and shows her readers that no matter what is missing in your life, whether it be a limb, or a parent, love and family can conquer anything. You just have to take a leap and let someone in. I have become so attached to the Mckinney family that I MUST go back and read the first two books in the series Worth The Fall and Worth The Risk along with the newest upcoming release Worth The Wait. I highly recommend Worth It All for a romance that will hit you in your ooey gooey center and leave you with pangs of loneliness for more of the McKinney family.


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