Review: Wicked Need by Sawyer Bennett

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.

Having now read two out of the three books in the Wicked Horse series, I thoroughly enjoyed both wild rides into this fictional world. Embarking on a journey to the Silo, a sex club all about fulfilling sexual fantasies, is not one to be taken lightly. You must be prepared to saddle up and take a walk on the wild side where nothing is off limits and debauchery is on full display for all to witness and join in if the need arises. Among all the satisfying sexual encounters is a story of a woman who learns about her self worth and a man who learns that one woman is his everything. Rand and Catherine are an “everything goes in the bedroom” couple with big hearts that find love in the most unusual of places. They soon learn that pleasure can lead to so much more.

“It’s a sex club and all kinds of kinky, nasty, sexy stuff goes on inside this place. It’s a no holds-barred type of club where anything goes as long as it’s consensual. Some of the things I’ve done in this club would make the devil blush”

Rand Bishop is a self confident man with a kinky side that his job as fantasy maker fulfills in every way. Having “played” with Catherine before on several occasions, he is finding this doe eyed woman starring in more of his imaginative fantasies. When he comes across the teary eyed, newly widowed damsel living in her car, he is more than ready to step in and be her white knight. Rand is beyond hot with his willingness to do anything or anyone in the bedroom to satisfy Catherine’s own dark desires. He shows her how to glory in her sexuality and that she is worthy of a man that will give nothing less than the moon and stars.

“Cat’s ready for me as she bends forward, placing her hands against the window glass and tilting her ass outward. “That’s a good girl,” I murmur

Catherine Lyon has lived her life without a father, neglected by her mother, and humiliated and degraded by her rich, much older husband. After he passes, Catherine is left destitute with no one to turn to. That is until Rand steps in to save the day and sweeps her off her feet. If only she thought she was worthy of his heart as well as his body. Experiencing Catherine becoming her own woman and celebrating her sexuality was both enlightening and empowering. She learns to love and more importantly flourish in the love of others.

“I’ve had that beautiful man in my body before at the Silo, but last night was different. Last night, it was personal and moving.”

Sawyer Bennett draws us back into this sensual world where dark desires come out to play with another couple that the reader can’t help but be seduced by. Rand and Catherine are the epitome of kink and sexual discovery. I cannot wait to climb back in the saddle with this group of insatiable characters who are ready to experience every pleasure the flesh has to offer. Next on the list is Logan, another sexy fantasy maker who is also destined to find love within the walls of the Silo. I highly recommend for a romance full of carnal desires and new heights of ecstasy.


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