Review! Wicked Girl (Wicked #3) by Piper Lawson


He was a prince, until he walked away.
I was a nobody, until I was dragged into the light.

I was never supposed to be part of Wicked.
But it was always part of me.
Now, it’s my turn to be brave. To sacrifice. To do something that matters.
Even if the man I love hates me for it.

The final instalment in Haley and Jax’s story which begins in Good Girl and continues in Bad Girl! A new adult romance series from bestselling author Piper Lawson. If you like nerds, hot rock stars, friends-to-lovers, enemies-to-lovers, pet skunks, home reno shows, flip phones or existentialism? You’ll love WICKED.


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

Piper Lawson proves to us once again, that this couple has their own journey that is full of ups and downs, uncontrollable passion, and beautiful sweet music. Haley and Jax are like a continuation of our favorite song that goes on and on. Their desire sears us once again in “Wicked Girl” and we get to see the culmination of this fiery and musical couple that first stole our hearts in “Good Girl” and left us powerless and once again under their spell in “Bad Girl”. We were left just waiting for the curtain to reopen and for them to rock the stage in the last part of their love story. Luckily Piper didn’t keep us waiting to long and the sexual chemistry and angst between these two is still hitting the top of the charts!

I feel like all of Piper’s fans saw Haley grow so much and blossom from the nervous young woman who hid behind her computer programs and inquisitive mind to the power house who rocks her stiletto heels and pencil skirts in the boardroom while still wearing her heart on her sleeve. She shows us that power does not have to ruin good intentions and she learns that the most beautiful music takes passion and feelings not a computer program.

Jax is still just as sexy as he was at the beginning. He is older with a more mature vibe about him and yet appears a little lost and heartbroken. He makes you want to cuddle the hell out of him and hope that him and Haley find their way back to each other. Something about this sullen and somber Jax makes not only Haley swoon but me as well. Not to mention the down right naughtiness that takes place between these two that leave temperatures hot and out of control!

Piper Lawson gives us the highly emotional, passionate encore that all of her fans have been clamoring for since meeting Jax and Haley and falling madly in love with them in “Good Girl”. I highly recommend “Wicked Girl” along with the other two books in the series for a romance that is sure to have your heart pounding, face flushed, and fangirling from beginning to end! Piper gave me a couple that I couldn’t help but obsess over and want to be there for every angsty, heart fluttering moment. I am always left impatient for more greatness written by Piper. She always gives her all to every new story she pens and that is why my love for her writing just keeps growing.

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