Review: Wicked Fall by Sawyer Bennett

Having already read Wicked Lust and Wicked Need, and becoming obsessed with the Wicked Horse series, I just knew that I had to go back and read how it all started in Wicked Fall. Sawyer gives us a series with such a decadent, sinful feel that you can’t help but sit with your mouth agape and read every titillating word wondering just what these naughty cowboys will be doing next to conquer both the land of Wyoming and the women. Woolf and Callie started it all and they lead us down a path of pleasurable debauchery that has our eyes widening and pulse quickening. You can’t help but become addicted to them and the Silo within just a few pages.

Woolf Jennings is a man of wicked taste who decided that his passion lay in finding like minded people and helping them indulge in the different flavors of sex that intrigue and entice him and his new clientele. That is until little miss vanilla flavored Callie comes strolling back into his life and he finds out that maybe there is more to life than just pleasurable meaningless sex. Could it be that Callie isn’t as straight laced as she seems? Woolf is a dirty talking cowboy who had my temperature rising and grabbed my attention from the moment he was introduced. He is mysterious, knows how to get down and dirty, and believes that Callie is too good for him and always has been. Woolf is all sexy intensity, smoldering passion, and dark deliciousness that will leave you with a craving unlike any other.

“The irony isn’t lost on me that I’m a man who likes my sex down and dirty, rough and kinky, and yet I obsess about a woman who is built for soft touches and gentle words.”

Callie Hayes is so much more than just a politician’s daughter. She is intelligent, beautiful, and has been yearning for Woolf for years. Now that she is back in town and recovering from a failed relationship, the last thing she needs is to be jilted by Woolf again. If only there wasn’t a side to him that has her curiosity peaked, heart palpitating, and her body throbbing. Can she survive the big bad wolf or will her body and soul be swallowed whole? I adored Callie with her big heart, innocent demeanor, and bad girl persona buried deep within. She has plenty of surprises in store for Woolf and the reader.

“I watch as one woman takes two men at the same time, and I wonder…could I do that?”

Sawyer Bennett gives us a brilliant start to a kinkier series and delivers a wild, exhilarating ride from beginning to end. I highly recommend Wicked Fall for a titillating read that is sure to ignite desires and fantasies in all readers. Callie and Woolf will rock your world off its axis and leave you reeling and begging to read more about these spicy cowboys.

“Watch, Callie,” he commands in a hoarse voice. “Look at you riding my…”


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