Review: Where I Belong (Alabama Summer #1) by J. Daniels

Where I Belong by J. DanielsAfter reading Four Letter Word and becoming obsessed J. Daniels’ writing, I just knew I had to fire up the kindle and read Where I Belong that had been sitting on there since I read a smokin’ hot teaser ages ago. I couldn’t wait to dive right in and start the Alabama Summer series and get to know Mia and Ben up close and personal. They soon had me hot and bothered from their one night stand and laughing at all of their antics of cat and mouse after wards.

Mia Corelli is returning to Alabama for the summer after being gone for nine years and worries about running into her best friend Tessa’s older brother who was always there to tease and bully her mercilessly. Having left town flat chested, blemish covered and the ultimate ugly duckling she is returning as the luscious and curvaceous swan and ready for an unbelievable summer starting with a one night stand. Mia stole my heart with her anxiety, “cry your heart out” past of constant verbal abuse from Ben. She is beautiful, head strong, and knows how to stand up to Ben and show him the woman that she has become. What more could you want in a heroine?

“Benjamin fucking Kelly. He made fun of my body for years, but last night, he worshipped it. Telling me how good I tasted. How amazing I felt.”

Ben Kelly is much different than he was as a wayward teenager. Now he wields a gun, wears a sexy uniform all day as a cop, and has plenty of responsibilities once off the clock. When he happens to pick up a seductive beauty with curves in all the right places and later finds out it was his sister’s best friend that he used to terrorize, all he wants to do is prove to her the man that he is now. Ben is mouth watering delicious both in and out of his uniform and I loved the way he took control of Mia’s pleasure and showed his “pretty girl” the stars whenever he could. He is so much more than just muscles and a pretty smile and J. Daniels continues to show readers that with every chapter.

“She met me in the middle and gave as well as she took. It was wild perfection. A beautiful chaos…..My angel is here for the whole summer and she wants nothing to do with me.”

J. Daniels delivers a scorching start to her Alabama Summer series and quickly had me falling deeply in love with all of the characters. I highly recommend Where I Belong for a “melt your popsicle” romance that is sure to keep you heated and grab your heart. Ben and Mia are temper fueled desire that no reader could ever resist. J. Daniels has seduced me with her words and has me salivating over the next book before I even begin. I can’t wait to dive into Tessa and Luke’s story in All I Want and jump back into the high temps and higher passion of the Alabama Summer’s series.

“I’m all the way in you, baby, and it feels so damn good.” He brushes his lips against mine. “Fucking perfect,” he whispers.”


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