Review: When I Become Yours by Rae Daniel

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Rae Daniel’s debut novel “When I Make You MineWhen I Make You MineWhen I Make You Mine by Rae Daniel
Reeling from a recent break-up, Anne is surprised when she meets Jim, her handsome ER doctor. She’s been bu
ed one too many times before, with the most recent relationship fail happening not even an hour before they meet! Catching her on-again-off-again now definitely-off-again boyfriend with her roommate, in her own living room, was definitely not how she planned on spending her Saturday. She definitely didn’t plan on spending it in the ER either! It’s not been Anne’s best day, to s...
The Richmond Series Book 1
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: 2016-01-17
Kindle Price: 0.99
(See Review) ”, I couldn’t wait to see Ben and Renee give into temptation in “When I Become YoursWhen I Become YoursWhen I Become Yours by Rae Daniel
Ben’s been in love with Renee for years. She’s loved him from afar but can’t do anything about it because of circumstances beyond her control. That all ends. Now. Because Ben knows what’s holding her back and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants. Her. There’s no one else for him and there is definitely no one else for her, not as long as there is a breath left in his body. When she tries to date, Ben quickly ends any and all attempts of her being with someone, other than...
The Richmond Series Book 2
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: 2016-05-01
Kindle Price: 0.99
Kindle Unlimited
” (Richmond series book 2). Rae Daniel has a way of combining the right amount of passion, humor, and love to leave you with sore abs from laughing, weepy eyes, and a happy heart. The crazy antics were there again between Renee and Anne, they are like a power house comedy routine and they feed off of each other whether it is over the phone or in person. Knowing that Anne is sleep deprived with curious baby boy twins and a prank war with her hubby Jim and you have belly shaking entertainment. Luckily Ben and Renee keep things extra steamy with their game of chase and the stormy aftermath of strip trivial pursuit.

Renee is oh so happy that her friend Anne found her happy ever after with hot doctor. She knows that happiness like that is not in the cards for her, because she has a secret that is a deal breaker and means the game is over even before it starts. To bad her heart and body won’t listen to her when it comes to the “Italian Stallion” Ben, a long time friend who won’t take no for an answer and plans on wearing “short stuff” down until she relents becomes his. Renee’s quick wit, saucy comebacks, and big heart for those she loves, had me in the first book. From the first glimpse into her head and heart, I felt like she was a long lost friend and couldn’t wait for Ben to give her a run for her money.

“I notice his right hand has left his hip and is up in the air pointing back down. He eyes me with amusement for a few seconds and give me a wink. ‘Watch the show, short stuff. You won’t want to miss this reveal.’ I roll my eyes at his bravado. Cocky Bastard!”

Ben or “Benny” as his close friends and family call him is a man with a head for running his own construction business and a toned body built for sin. A body he plans on having all over Renee very soon. He is tired of their cat and mouse game and plans on catching her and keeping her for himself. After meeting Ben in the beginning of the series I fell for his caring ways towards his best friend Anne and her comic side kick Renee. Add in some yummy muscles, his sexy moves, dirty mouth and imagining him in a tool belt and you have the makings of a drool worthy hero.

“Easy, short stuff. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. And I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m quite a mouthful.”

Rae Daniel delivers another short, funny, scorcher that entertains from beginning to end. I highly recommend for romance lovers who like lots of laughs with their heat. Ben and Renee are too sweet, hot, and hilarious to put down. While “When I Become Yours” can be read as a stand alone, you won’t want to miss one comedic minute and will be ready to grab on to Anne and Jim’s story in “When I Make You Mine” if you haven’t already.

“Renee has owned me from day one, basically. Now that she’s underneath me, panting and rubbing her hands all over my body, I’m losing all ability to think.”


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