Review: Viktor by Clarissa Wild

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

This is the first book that I have ever read by Clarissa Wild. I had my eye on her books for quite some time and the blurb for this book captured my interest and made me squirm in anticipation. Now having read Viktor I can say that Clarissa brought the seedy underground crime world to life and dragged me into this dark fictional world along with Viktor and Alexis. Amidst the danger and secrets a sexual chemistry builds and explodes between the Hero and heroine.

Viktor Melikov has spent the last few years hiding behind a curtain and mask denying himself pleasure received from touching another human and being touched. Working for the devil incarnate and wearing the scars from the past, Viktor doesn’t believe that he is worthy of someone touching his body or his heart. I found myself irresistibly drawn to and curious about Viktor with his hint of danger, his feelings of unworthiness because of his choices for survival, and his self imposed isolation. He is the kind of hero to make you quiver with desire while also to wrap him in your arms and nurture his poor tortured soul.

“You may act like an animal sometimes, but you’re still a man underneath. And a man needs affection.”

Alexis Kidd has been dealt a rotten hand in life that has her selling her body to support her and her sister. She may sell her body but her heart will never be in it. That is until she meets the man behind the curtain and learns more about her past and how it is intertwined with his. What happens when you give the man that everyone believes is a monster your heart? I couldn’t help but feel empathy towards Alexis along with a mixture of sadness and admiration. She is a survivor and fighter and is willing to make any sacrifice for her sister no matter the cost to herself. She has a sassiness that has helped her prevail through the hardship of her life and has landed her in the hands of the sexy and mysterious Viktor where she flourishes and learns the meaning of love.

“It’s not often that I can please a man without touching him…and the fact he looks that delicious, even when hiding behind a curtain is a bonus.”

Clarissa delivers a love story of two broken individuals that come together and bring light into a world filled with darkness and despair. I highly recommend for a romance with a hero and heroine who come from a tainted life and find love when they least expect it. I look forward to reading more of Clarissa’s dark tales and meeting more of her riveting characters.

“I grin against her skin, finally understanding why I want her so much. She needs it rough…and rough is all I am.”



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    great review rochelle!!!

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