Review: Valiant (Joker’s Wrath MC #6) by Bella Jewel

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Valiant Ebook CoverBella Jewel shows us once again what tragedy and heartbreak truly is and how kick ass the Joker’s Wrath MC family is. I was over the top intrigued and already partially in love with Jack when he was just Molly’s gorgeous, smirking friend in Besties the fifth book in the Joker’s Wrath series but now I am head over heels for this hero that refuses to take no for an answer from the skittish Baylee and is determined to show her how to live her life again. Jack and Baylee are unforgettable with their undeniable sexual attraction and her horrible past.

Jack has been trying to grab Baylee’s attention ever since he caught her eye across the room of a crowded bar. She feigns indifference but he knows deep down inside she has a spark of interest for him, he just has to ignite it. I love how persistent he is along with being absolutely adorable with his muscles , heart stopping good looks, and huge heart. He is completely impossible for Baylee or readers to resist.

He shakes his head and laughs. “I hear you Baylee. Friends only. You’re not interested in my smoking hot body, my devastatingly handsome face, or my ridiculous charm.”

Baylee is a box of mystery that Bella has the reader unwrap with one chapter at a time of her sinister past. I got to know both the Baylee of present and who she used to be. It was empowering and inspiring watching her grow into a more confident heroine and stand up and fight for the future that she deserves. Jack is just the man she needs to show her that it is okay to open your heart and trust again and that she is worthy of a love that she used to only dream of.

He’s so warm, and it feels amazing to be wrapped in his arms. I’ve decided it’s the only place I feel safe right now. And I do. With him surrounding me, I feel as though nothing could touch me. And I think I’d be right.

Bella Jewel delivers another read in the Joker’s Wrath series that is sure to evoke a myriad of emotions and make us fall in love all over again with this family that shares their passion for motorcycles, leather, and protecting their ever growing family. I highly recommend Valiant for a romance that shows a heroine rising from the ashes and beginning anew with a stronger sense of confidence and fight within like she never had before.

I used to be the girl who wondered why people stayed in abusive relationships, why they put up with it, but with him leaning over me, terrifying me the way he is, I suddenly understand it. The fear. The horrible, chest-clenching fear.

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