Review! Uncovering Hope by Kacey Shea

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having read all three books in the Uncovering Love series, I can say I have experienced Kacey Shea honing her craft and giving her readers all that she has. The story lines have become more engrossing, the passion hotter, and the characters more loveable. With each couple I have fallen more in love and I ended Uncovering Hope with a happy heart and tears in my eyes. Carly and the man who wins her heart are funny, full of heart, and panty dropping action.

Carly was first introduced in Uncovering Love and has evolved as a woman of strength with a admirable combination of nurse nightingale working with children diagnosed with cancer and who dons a super mom cape during her off hours. Kacey teased us with this amazing character and I was impatiently waiting for her to receive her happy ever after. Life has been hard on her having suffered at the hands of an abusive ex husband. Not trusting her own judgement in men, she decides to only have her two sons and her brother Tate as the men in her life. That is until both the hot drummer and debonair doctor appear asking for far more than she wants to give.

“I blow out a frustrated growl. How after years of no action, do I suddenly have two very different men vying for my attention?”

Derek Taylor oozes raw sexuality with his rippling tattoos and pierced tongue that delivers promises that leave Carly with a blush on her cheeks and an elevated heart rate. He became intrigued with Carly during Uncovering Desire the second book in the series and was intent on seducing her. I was enchanted by his naughty words from the beginning but quickly fell for his sincerity and big heart that shine throughout the story.

“Wanna get out of here? Maybe get under me?” He waggles his brows with that knowing smirk. Derek leans close his words fall softly, a sweet seduction at my ear. “I’d love to watch you fall apart underneath me. First I’d lick you ’til you’re screaming my name.”

Dr. Garrett Brooks is new to the Children’s hospital and with his white coat status and GQ good looks he has nurses panting and hearts melting. He exudes a certain boyish charm that appeals to Carly and he seems like he would be the perfect match for her…or would he?

“Nice to meet you Dr. Brooks.” “Just call me Garrett, please.” “Garrett.” God, even his name tastes good on my lips. He winks and walks away.

Kacey delivers humor, steam, suspense, and touching subject matter. Uncovering Hope will have you on the edge of your seat, tied up in knots of need, and left with a case of the feels. I highly recommend for lovers of romance with intrigue, love triangles, and a story line that will tug on your heart strings. I look forward to reading any and all future works by Kacey Shea in anticipation of where she will take us next and what characters we will fall head over heels with.


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