Review! Token (Daring The Kane Brothers #1) by Kelly Gendron

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

Token by Kelly GendronAfter reading the Declan Brothers series, I thought that I couldn’t fall in love with Kelly Gendron’s heroes anymore than I already had. Boy was I wrong! I tumbled head over heels for each one of the Kane brothers and cannot wait to find out more about each one with every book in their series! It wasn’t long and I was caught in Token and Harley’s cross hairs and ready to see their emotional and desire filled tug of war play out. Little did I know how much they would rock each other’s world and end up intertwined in ways we would have never guessed.

I loved getting a front row seat into the entertainment and love that the Kane family provide in Token. I fell in love with each one of them and their hot headed passion and unique personalities. Especially Token and his beastly looks, sexy moves, and gentle heart. Never have I met a hero that was an ex fighter be so in tuned with his feelings but yet still be so rugged and manly that all I wanted him to do is pin Harley against the wall one more time and have his way with her. This Kane brother had me wrapped up in his mysterious past and more than ready to see him pursue a future with Harley. Token is impossible to resist and every word out of his sexy mouth had me melting!

Harley Redbourne is a woman who keeps trying to run from her tragic past and ends up with more trouble than she knows how to deal with. She is feisty, stubborn, and running scared from her emotions. That is until the sexy bearded hottie picks her up and she soon realizes, that one night stands and drinking will only help you run from your feelings for so long. Hot, sassy, and orphaned Harley captured my heart early on with her story and I wanted so desperately for her to find her happy ever after with the love of a good man and a much needed family. She brought tears to my eyes, struck a special chord in my heart, and left me an emotional mess!

Kelly Gendron delivers a scorching and intriguing beginning to the Kane brother saga that is sure to keep readers pining for more. I highly recommend Token for a love story that will bring you into the Kane fold and leave your heart there long after the last page is read. Kelly Gendron has me addicted to her writing and ready to get up and close and personal with all the drop dead gorgeous, strong willed members of the Kane clan!

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