Review: The Rhythm of Your Heartbeat by Elle Ellerton

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading and falling in love with the Blurred series, I was more than looking forward to more of Elle Ellerton’s stories. Elle drags our hearts and imaginations into a suspenseful world of two young people trying to find their way and mend their broken hearts after the loss of a very important person in both of their lives. Blake and Annaleigh will pierce your soul and warm your heart with their sad and tragic story and their rush to prove Blake’s innocence.

Annaleigh is starting her senior year lost and with a broken heart from losing her beloved brother Jace over the summer. It ripped her family apart when his best friend Blake was found hovering over his dead body covered in blood. So not only did she lose her brother but her long time crush and family friend Blake in this tragic event. When she is forced to spend time with Blake, she is reminded of her unrequited feelings for him along with being torn by thoughts of his innocence while her parents still believe he is Jace’s murderer. Annaleigh is tender hearted and in an emotional tug of war with herself and had my heart from the beginning of her story.

“I knew if I didn’t stop it, we’d end up naked in his bed before long. I wanted that. I wanted it so badly I could feel my body aching for it. But it would change everything and make this whole situation so much more confusing and harrowing and impossible.”

Blake Ash has spent the summer devastated by the loss of his best friend and all alone listening to whispers of gossip all around him. When Annaleigh is brought back into his life and believes he is innocent, feelings of attraction and hope for his future come crashing into him. Blake absolutely and totally obliterated my heart. The agony that he went through after losing his best friend and then everyone else is downright heartbreaking and the heat between him and Annaleigh is enough to set the reader aflame.

“I still didn’t know for certain that he didn’t kill my brother, after all. But that was the problem, wasn’t it? My heart had already convinced my head that he was innocent.”

Elle Ellerton weaves a tale of loss, uncontrollable desire, and weathering the storm. Elle shows her readers two very valuable lessons that we shouldn’t always take things at face value and that love can be found even during times of sorrow. I highly recommend Rhythm of Your Heartbeat for a profound and poignant love story with a whole lot of sweet wrapped up in some searing sexual tension and heat.

“Don’t keep making those noises and moving the way you are, if you plan to stop me, Anna. Please.”


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