Review: The Artist by Juliette Banks

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having never read Juliette Banks aka Rachel De Vine’s work before, I didn’t really have any expectations. While both erotica and historical are not my favorite go to in romance, it never hurts to get a taste of something new. Juliette Banks takes us back to 1850 to visit with a seductive artist and his simple village girl muse on their journey to love that takes them from England to Italy. Theo and Lizzie keep things heated and interesting whether they are trying to control their simmering passion during an afternoon painting sessions or running from a murder rap.

Lizzie Prendergast has recently left her abusive husband and is living a vagabond lifestyle trying to find a job among a society who has been fed filthy lies and refuse to accept her. When Lizzie secures a job as a nude model for the viscount Theodore Harper, her luck takes a turn for the better…or so she thinks. That is until her husband is left in a pool of blood, she and Theo find themselves on the run from the local authorities and the only suspects for his murder. Lizzie is an interesting mixture of innocence and sassiness that flourishes the more time that she spends with Theo. I admired her independence and her “making lemon into lemonade” philosophy.

“Her body tingled when he was in close proximity, and a hot flush spread throughout her, and she was afraid of losing control should he try to touch her.”

Theo Harper is a man who is known for snubbing rich society and pursuing a “free love” artistic lifestyle in pursuit of happiness. When the auburn haired, innocent looking temptress comes crashing into his life with scandal and gossip surrounding her, he has no idea the heights of pleasure, dangerous peril, and tumultuous feelings that will abound. He is a master of seduction and pleasure with a tinge of pain. I love the way he awakened Lizzie sexually, built up her self confidence, and dominated her while still letting her know that she was in control. If that isn’t a hot hero, I don’t know what is!

“You are so beautiful. Your body has been torturing me these past few days. I need the relief that spanking this soft, round bottom of yours will give me. Don’t be afraid, relax your body.”

Juliette Banks paints a vivid erotic tale of consumable passion with a heart pounding chase between countries and matters of the flesh and heart. I highly recommend for romance readers who enjoy naughty stories filled with flushed cheeks, red bottoms, and sensual pleasures.

“That’s right, let it out. Let out the sounds you need to make. You can groan or scream, or make any sounds you want to. Breathe through the pain, my dear.”


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