Review: Styled (Travesty #4) by Piper Lawson

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Styled by Piper LawsonSchooled, the first book in the Travesty series is what had me falling head over heels for Piper Lawson’s writing. Dylan Cameron has been my all time fav of book boyfriends created by the talented Piper, that is until his big brother Ethan has stepped onto the scene in Styled, book three in the Travesty series, and now Dylan has a run for his money on top book boyfriend created by Piper because Ethan woos, charms, and seduces his way into both Jordan and readers hearts alike. Jordan and Ethan soon had me so wrapped up in their sarcastic wit and steamy moments that it was well past my bedtime with no hope of putting the book down until the wee hours of the morning.

I was over the top giddy to meet the oldest of the Cameron siblings and see if he could meet or surpass Dylan’s high standards. I soon found myself under his spell and willing to submit to his suave and debonair social skills and see him roll up those dress sleeves and get down to work on chipping away at Jordan’s hard shelled facade. What could be better than seeing a man who wears a suit so well and dirty talks like a pro in the bedroom go up against the sardonic, tom boy, and brainiac Jordan. Sparks flew, temperatures rose, and pulses spiked. Ethan had me salivating and hanging on his every word, moan or sexy moves..wherever they took place…you get the picture.

In the midst of this fashion world full of taffeta, stiletto heels, and spotlights, Piper gives her readers one of her most unique heroines yet. I fell instantly for Jordan Briggs and her “I don’t care about wealth” attitude, hard working ethic, and her unique sense of fashion. Jordan or as Ethan affectionately called her “Jersey”, won me over fast and I couldn’t wait to see what she would come up with to help “Travesty” fashion soar and how her and Ethan would explode in the bedroom.

Piper Lawson delivers another runway worthy read in her Travesty series. I am completely and totally besotted with both the characters who are finding their way in both business and love. I highly recommend Styled for a romance that shows us love blooming underneath all the glitz and glam of LA parties and rubbing elbows with the elite. I adore Piper Lawson’s writing more with each new story I read and new character introduced. Thank you Piper for giving us yet another Cameron to fall for!


I have a type: Tall. Blond. Awkward as hell.

Yeah, my type is me. Because I’m better off spending my time alone than with a guy.

That’s why I’m on an open-ended ticket to LA to find a new boutique for my fashion label, TRAVESTY. Not to find a rebound for the breakup I should’ve seen coming.

I’m ready to forget all about dicks…Too bad Ethan Cameron sinks that dream before I get on the plane.

The gorgeous Westside realtor might be my business partner’s brother, but he’s the wrong guy to help us. Ethan’s smug and self-centered, with a dentist’s-wet-dream smile. More women pass through the backseat of his car than through the doors of our SoHo boutique.

He’s also wrong for me. And the more he thinks he knows me, the more I need to prove he doesn’t.

I survived private school. Growing up with one parent. Dating a dick. I can survive one month with Ethan. But the more I get to know him, the more I realize he’s not the smooth yes-man he pretends to be.

And that’s dangerous.

For my business. For my friends.

Maybe even for my heart.

Styled is a sexy dual POV romance about dreams, trust, and living without regrets. It’s a standalone in the TRAVESTY series. If you like quick banter, smokin’ hot sex scenes, and characters that feel like they could be your friends? You’ll love Styled.


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