Review: Strumming Me by Diemme Black

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Rocking MeRocking MeRocking Me by Diemme Black
Ali has a body with curves in all the right places. But her dark past has prevented her from finding the right guy. She’ll sleep around to have a good time and make herself feel better, but long-term relationships haven’t been her thing. When she randomly trips over some hot-as-hell guy who strikingly resembles her favorite rock star, she’s shocked that he asks her out. Ali can’t believe that a guy like Jace would find her attractive, but she’s more than happy to try to get him in the...
The Rokk Me Hard Series Book 1
Genre: Erotica
Release Date: 2015-03-24
Kindle Price: 2.99
Kindle Unlimited
(See Review) , the first book in the Rokk Me Hard series, and getting to knowAli and Jace as well as his band Blacking Out intimately, I was ready to jump back into this rocker world and become their groupie again. Diemme Black out did herself with Sara and Matt’s story in Strumming Me. She takes us further into this fictional world with half crazed female fans, a psycho ex boyfriend, and surprise weddings. It is a whirlwind love story full of secrets, abuse, unwavering love, friendship, and heart wrenching grief. I couldn’t help but fall farther in love with these sexy rockers with rippling muscles and even bigger hearts.

Sara March has been living a painful secret with her ex boyfriend Michael and is now ready to move on and possibly pursue a relationship with hot and sexy guitarist Matt Lewis from Blacking Out. When Michael causes destruction to her life, Matt gladly wants to step in and be her knight in shining armor. Swept away in her feelings for Matt, Sara is afraid to let him see the truth about her and accept the depth of his love for her that has grown so quickly. Seeing what Sara goes through from being abused is both excruciating and enlightening. I admire her strength and how she learned that she could rely on her Blacking Out family to help her through any crisis.

“I was nothing. I didn’t feel like a woman who deserved this; I just felt like a stupid woman who deserved all the shit that was flying her way. In time, he’d give up pursuing me. After all, other than my family, all men gave up on me eventually.”

Matt Lewis is an all or nothing type of guy and from the moment he sees Sara, he knows that she is his everything and wants to erase any pain that she has felt. When Michael tries to destroy their new found relationship, he doesn’t plan on going down without a fight. He is going to show Sara that they are meant to be together and no one is going to ruin their happy ever after. What’s not to love about this sexy, lickable, noble rocker who is always there for Sara. He is the perfect mixture of white knight and volatile bad boy to woo and seduce both Sara and the reader.

“I wanted her to see that the bruises were behind us, and that this was a new start for the two of us.”

Diemme Black delivers a romance that will rock your emotional foundation. Strumming Me pulls you into the drama and passion and makes you feel like part of the family. With each book in the Rokk Me Hard series Diemme gives us a bigger glimpse into these amazing characters minds and lives with a story told from multiple point of views. I highly recommend for a touching, empowering love story filled with rock stars that will play with your emotions and pull on your heart strings. I cannot wait to read more about this close knit group and the challenges that they endure.

“Our mutual moans were loud and reverberating off the walls. I didn’t care. I was so happy I was giving it to him as good as he was giving it to me.”


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