Review: Stripped Down (Stripped #2) by Emma Hart

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

After reading Stripped Bare and being mesmerized by the handsome, dirty mouthed West Rykman and his undulating hips, I couldn’t wait to get down and dirty with Beckett Cruz in Stripped Down. He had me in stitches and had already stolen my heart in Stripped Bare but after reading his and Cassie’s story in the second book in the Stripped series, my heart is officially his! Emma Hart brings us to new heights of pleasure with a love story that begins in a club called the Landing Strip and ends with a happy ever after involving a stripper, a precocious little girl, and a life size fairytale prince Flynn Ryder…seriously!

Cassie Gallagher has spent the last six years as a single mom spending her days watching Tangled while negotiating with her daughter over bedtimes and eating her vegetables and her nights working as a stripper. While life hasn’t been easy, she is settled and her daughter Ciara is the joy of her life. Her life is simple, at least until a tequila filled night leaves her with a fuzzy memory and a gold band around her finger. Is there room in her life for a prince or will he leave her and Cic abandoned and broken hearted? I admired this skeptical, weary, blondie full of sass who has a back bone of steel. She is super mom personified and would do anything for her daughter and her parents. If there is anyone who deserves to be swept away and find her prince, it is Cassie.

“I’ve never been afraid of anything so badly in my entire life-except you. Wanting you. Having you. Losing you. You’re the ultimate monster under the bed, Beckett Cruz.”

Beckett Cruz is a successful man with his pick of naked women with gyrating hips sliding down a pole and plenty of money to throw around. He thought his life was complete until a night of drinking and impulsive decisions leaves him wedded to a stripper at his club and captivated by her child. Beckett first wooed me with his beautiful body and witty sense of humor but he truly won me over when he wore down the defenses of a beautiful woman and captured the heart of a little girl. He set Cassie on fire with his sexy moves and dirty talk, sparked a child’s laughter, and completely and totally melted my heart.

“Beckett Cruz was many things. Sexy. Dirty. Impulisve. Crazy. Tempting. But he was also generous and kind, and his capacity to love someone was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.”

Emma Hart delivers a tale that looks to be skin deep but will burrow so far inside your heart that you can’t help but feel every emotion of the characters. I highly recommend Stripped Down for a hot read that will take your imagination to a place where spent bodies are left tangled in the sheets, a fairytale is brought to life, and hearts are filled with emotion. Emma Hart always amazes me with the depth of her characters and stories that heat your body and warm your heart. Stripped is a series that is sure to leave your emotions bared, a craving for sultry music, a pole, and heroes that are sure to make your evening more interesting!

“Cassie, I swear to god. Get dressed right now.” His voice was sexily dangerous, so much rough promise in each word. “Or what?” “Or I’m going to throw you on that goddamn bed, flip you over, and f**k you until you forget your own name.”


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