Review: Stripped Bare by Emma Hart

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Emma Hart gives us a new series with hot strippers that will leave all the readers salivating, sweaty, with heart palpitations without having to go to the gym. I am a huge Emma Hart fan and couldn’t wait to dive in and meet Mia and West and experience their story. They are provocative, funny, and had my emotions stripped bare by the end. Emma takes us from San Diego to sin city where the alcohol is always flowing and hips are gyrating to sultry music. Emma proves that you can find love in the most unlikely of places while dollar bills are being stuffed into g-strings and screaming females abound. Get ready to take an enlightening journey with Mia and West where both bodies and souls are bared.

Mia O’Hallorn is a PR specialist who is known for playing hard, working hard, and falling hard and fast for a guy and ending up heart broken. She vowed after finding her last boyfriend cheating that she wasn’t going to fall in love anymore. That is until she meets West Rykman who has the bod, the moves, and knows how to use them to his advantage to get women to the finish line…if you know what I mean. She soon finds that her one night of pleasure turns into facing a client and having to act professional and forget their one night together. Can she put her job first or will her heart get in the way? Mia was an easy character to like with her firecracker personality, wit, and red hair to match. I never knew what to expect next from this woman whether she was dealing with her nosy mother, hanging out with her girls, or watching West revealing his hot bod. She lives life to the fullest with a zest of passion that is contagious and left me wanting to share drinks and rub elbows with her amazing circle of friends.

“If I’d met this man anywhere else, he’d have probably eaten me for breakfast. I’d also have probably opened my legs and let him. Lunch, dinner, and snacks too.”

West Rykman may have all the moves, swiveling hips and all, but there is more to him than meets the eye. He is so much more than a dancer at Rock Solid and it shows throughout the story. I loved getting to know him from his lickable body, intelligent mind, to his giving heart. He is Mia’s match from the dimly lit night club to the bedroom and everywhere in between. Sparks fly, innuendos are uttered, and both bodies and hearts collide. Every time West would go all alpha on Mia, I would fall a little deeper under his spell then add in his gorgeous friend Beck and I was truly a goner.

“As a rule, I don’t mix business and pleasure, angel, but you make me want to sin.” I touched my forehead against his “So sin.”

Emma Hart delivers another emotional read full of laughter, characters that you can’t help but fall for, and endless hip grinding heat. Stripped Bare strips readers of emotions and leaves us wanting more of these alphas and the women who captivate them. I can’t wait to delve deeper into the funny uber sexy Beck in Stripped Down and see what other surprises Emma Hart has in store for us that involve bare chest and undulating muscles. Emma Hart has a special way of drawing you in with laughter, smokin’ hot scenes, and amazing characters that leaves us with our souls naked and begging for more. I highly recommend for a read that removes more than clothes and affects more than libidos and women’s panties. Emma knows how to entertain while getting to the heart of love, relationships, and story telling

“Smack my ass like that ever again and I’m going to bite your balls off.” He grinned, turning his face toward me. “I’m counting on it, angel.”


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