Review: Spinning Out by Lexi Ryan

The moment I saw Spinning Out in my suggested reading list on Amazon, I knew that I had to read Mia and Arrow’s tragic and painful story. Having never read anything by Lexi Ryan, I had no idea what to expect and now I plan on reading as many of her books as possible and cannot wait to read more about the Blackhawk boys. In Spinning Out, she takes us on a seamless journey through their past and present leaving us a trail of clues to figure out what happened on a fateful New Year’s eve that had all their lives spinning out of control with no one in the driver seat. Mia and Arrow’s story is gripping, mysterious, and full of passion that they try so hard to deny.

Mia Mendez feels like her soul died on the side of the road on New Year’s eve and has been barely living for the last four months. Her life changed forever that night and now she must go on with the death of her brother and a boyfriend who will never be the same. She is a survivor who is buried under a mountain of guilt who now works and lives around the one guy she should never have loved but always will. My heart went out to Mia, who is still living in the past and carries such sadness and hurt like it is her own personal armor against any future happiness. I couldn’t wait for her and Arrow to finally come together because they need each other now more than ever.

“I lie here and think about you on the other side of my wall. Do you have any idea how hard it is for me to leave you to sleep alone in that bed? I want to climb in beside you.”

Arrow Woodison lost a piece of his soul and his best friend the night of the accident and has destroyed himself and any semblance of a football career he had since then. And if he didn’t know the meaning of true torture, now he is back home with a restraint around his ankle and living with the one woman that he can never have. His best friend’s girl. If only he could go back and change that night, things would be so different. Arrow has that dark broody persona that attracts all the women and makes them want to comfort him when solace is the last thing he is looking for. I couldn’t help but fall a little for this troubled, muscled, bad boy who is has set himself on a path of destruction that will never bring his friend back.

“Just this — her letting me touch her, her responding to my touch like this — is enough to have me hard and aching against the fly of my jeans.”

Lexi Ryan delivers a tale of a series of events where hearts, anger, and lies send us on a tail spin right along with the characters. Lexi teaches us that love cannot be stopped even under the most dire of circumstances. Mia and Arrow’s love story is riveting, forbidden, and heated. I highly recommend this amazing beginning to the Blackhawk boys that will have you fallen in love with these sexy, mysterious characters, as well as Lexi’s writing. I cannot wait to read Chris’s and Sebastian’s stories. Lexi, keep them coming because your readers are greedy for more sexy Blackhawk boys!

“You’re beautiful,” I say. “I don’t even know if I deserve to look at you, but some days it feels like you’re the only piece of beauty left in the world.”


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