Review! Something Else by Eve Dangerfield

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Somethine Else by Eve DangerfieldAfter reading Something Borrowed, the beginning of Elle and Jackson’s story, I couldn’t wait to climb back on the saddle and experience their brand of kink once again in Something Else. It wasn’t long until Eve Dangerfield had me wrapped up in their teacher/student fantasy and their angst with Jackson’s mother.

Elle Sahlstrom has me just as fascinated with her strong “domme” persona and her fragile inner beauty as she did in Something Borrowed. I couldn’t help but root for her against the soon to be “monster in law” and was more than ready to see her get back to “punishing” and loving on her man Jackson!

Jackson is still just as swoony and virile as he is in the beginning of his and Elle’s story. Whether he is handcuffed to Elle’s bed or writing sentences and panting after Elle’s school marm look, I can’t get enough of this lip biting, hair tugging hero. Even when he has me shaking my head and saying “What is he thinking?” I am still head over heels in love with this book boyfriend who loves to be dominated.

Eve Dangerfield delivers another cheek burning, heart melting, passion filled read. I highly recommend Something Else for another dose of one of my favorite couples Elle and Jackson and their spank me, tie me up love. Eve Dangerfield always keeps readers entertained with her colorful characters, funny story lines, and heartfelt angst. What more could a reader want?

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