Review: Snatched by Juliette Banks

Snatched by Juliette Banks


By Juliette Banks


She should hate him, but her body told her differently.


Loss. Passion. Sacrifice.

It’s the worst day of Laryssa’s life when bandits snatch her beloved daughter Sofiya, carrying her away to places unknown. Vowing to save her, come what may, Laryssa sets off on a long and difficult journey to find the eighteen-year-old.

When she stumbles across a half ruined castle in the middle of a forest, she realizes she’s found the very place where Sofiya is being held by four men. In desperation, Laryssa begs to be allowed to stay with them, to cook and clean, and even offers her body for use to the leader of the gang, a man called Bhodan. Not knowing who she really is, he grudgingly accepts.

Bhodan is a dark man with a troubled past. With livid scars marring his otherwise handsome features, he is gruff, ruthless, and cold. Somehow Laryssa, the woman he has employed to cook and clean for himself and his men, and to service him sexually whenever he desires it, manages to see past his harsh exterior. Her growing attraction to him is undeniable, and no one is more surprised than Bhodan himself to discover that he is beginning to reciprocate those feelings.

Sofiya is not the only girl to have been captured by the gang; Hanna, a girl close to her in age, was already being held when Sofiya arrived. Laryssa is desperate to rescue them both, but knows she must bide her time until the moment is right.

When the four men decide to leave the women alone to go thieving, Laryssa sees her chance. However, she is unprepared for the emotional dilemma she will face when only one of the men – Bhodan – returns. He is badly wounded, and she finds herself unable to leave him alone, as he will undoubtedly die.

Torn between the love of her daughter and the passion Bhodan has awakened in her, Laryssa faces a tough choice. Should she send Sofiya and Hanna back to their village alone to face their demons, or should she accompany them and risk losing what could well be her last chance of experiencing boundless passion and love after years spent alone? Can she forgive Bhodan for what he has done in the past, or will she decide that her daughter’s happiness is more important than her own?

Publisher’s Note: This tale, set in Eastern Europe in the mid 19th century, is one of passion, sacrifice and hope, in an age where poverty made life a daily struggle to survive. It contains some explicit sexual scenes, including spanking, as well as erotic horror themes. If such material is likely to offend you, please do not purchase this book.

NOTE: This is a newly edited and greatly revised and expanded version of a book previously released under the same title.



I received a copy in exchange for an honest review

Having read The Artist by Juliette Banks, I couldn’t wait to open Snatched and travel back to the 19th century to meet new characters and experience some more steam. Juliette shows us that love can develop from a disturbing situation and where we would never believe possible. We take a journey into Laryssa’s world to experience the horror of her daughter being held captive and what she endures to rescue her.

Laryssa is a long time widow that has lived in her safe little village with her eighteen year old daughter for years. When she comes home and discovers her daughter Sofiya has been taken, she knows she absolutely has to find her. Laryssa is a woman who is practical and shows great strength in a horrible situation. I didn’t quite understand her attraction Bhodan but there relationship grew on me. Watching Laryssa discover her sexuality and blossom under Bhodan’s hand was inspiring and empowering.

“Now she had allowed herself to be pleasured by a man she should hate-a man who had colluded with the kidnap and degradation of her own daughter-even if he personally was not responsible for the deed.” 

I was not a fan of Bhodan when he was first introduced but as I got to know him and discovered the many layers of Bhodan, I couldn’t help but feel myself softening towards him. The man behind the scarred face has been abused and never knew love until Laryssa, that in itself makes a reader want to cheer for this hero and heroine.

“She knew that, for a man like him, who had been exposed to such brutality as a child, and who had lived on the edge of society ever since, this was as close as she would get to a declaration of love.” 

Juliette Banks delivers a romance that shows that beneath the surface, people aren’t always as they first appear and we need to get to know their story. I highly recommend Snatched to lovers of historical romance with a twist and lots of steam. Juliette has intrigued me with her writing and I plan on reading more by this writer who takes our hearts back to the 19th century and gives us a little suspense along the way.

“He had awakened a dormant need withing her that he had been able to satisfy, and now that she was having her needs met, she wasn’t sure she could live without it anymore.”




“That’s right, let me know how much you are enjoying this. Groan, shout, cry… do whatever you want. Show me how much you want me!” It was though he was teaching her how to pleasure her own body, and she wondered why he was doing this.

Laryssa did not know how to answer his request, other than by increasing the volume of her groans. All those years ago, with her husband, she had maintained her silence, except for a few whispered sweet nothings at the end. She wondered if that was because of her youthful shyness, or because her husband had not lit the flame of passion as this man was doing. Bhodan had discovered a part of her she had not known existed until now. She could not describe her feelings in words, but she knew that her body was alight in ways it had never been before. He took her to new heights of pleasure until, unable to hold out any longer, she had the most earth-shattering climax that she had ever known.

Bhodan waited until she had ceased trembling before moving up the bed and lying on top of her. He entered her body swiftly, plunging himself deeply within her.

“You have such a sweet cunt,” he panted. “I could stay in here for hours.”

He slowed his pace so that he was entering her in a much more sensuous way, but just as deeply as before, and Laryssa climaxed yet again, her body shivering and shaking from the heights of pleasure he had shown her. It took just a few more thrusts before he came inside her with a great roar.

They both lay in utter exhaustion for several minutes before he pushed her towards the edge of the bed.

“I think you had better go and light that stove, and make me some breakfast. Now that you have satisfied one hunger in me, you’d better satisfy the other. I could eat a horse. But best not take that literally.”

Humor, she thought. He does have a sense of humor after all.



Author Bio

I write erotic romances as Juliette Banks, but some of you may also know me as the author Rachel de Vine. I am British and live in a beautiful rural part of England. However, I also like travelling to remote and unusual parts of the world, and have visited places as diverse as Tibet, Bhutan, Peru, Namibia and China. Our world is so beautiful and I hope that it will always remain so, and I see myself as being so lucky to have the freedom to travel that was denied many previous generations. I hope I never take it for granted.

I write mainly romances, because I am an incurable romantic, and I write erotic romances because I am always attracted to the sexuality and sensuality that is within so many of us. I like to write about interesting characters who often have to survive life’s challenges before they can reach the happy ending they deserve.

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