Review! Shouldn’t Want You (Cataclysm #2) by Jerica MacMillan


What could be more cliche …

Than the hot rockstar and the nanny?
When I answered the ad looking for a nanny willing to travel
I was desperate for a job.
And this would be the perfect escape from the end of the world as I knew it.
I thought my boss would be an overworked businessman
Not the broody guitarist for the alt-rock band on everyone’s lips
He’s everything I shouldn’t want—
The epitome of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll.
Tatted up,
Foul mouthed,
And a single dad.
He’s also impossible to resist.
The way he takes care of his two-year-old son,
The way he takes care of me …
But when I give in to this rock god,
Will my world come crashing down all over again?
Or does he have the ability to put it all back together?


I received a copy and voluntarily left a review and all opinions are my own.

I thought that Jerica had reeled me in and hooked my heart with the first story in the Cataclysm series but as soon as I met Danny and Ava and experienced their chemistry together in “Shouldn’t Want You”, I knew that I was a complete and total goner! They had me wrapped up in their palpable sexual tension and wondering when they were going to succumb to their attraction for one another.

All I knew about Danny from the first book “Anything You Need” was that he was the moodiest out of this band of sexy rockers but I wanted to dig deeper and learn more about this hot, single dad. Now after getting to know him, it wasn’t just Ava’s panties he had in a twist. He kept me hot and bothered with his mission to keep Ava at arm’s length. The more I got to see deep into his psyche, I fell harder for this rocker that puts his all into those he loves, starting with his adorable little boy.

I was immediately swept away in Ava’s inner turmoil over her past and I couldn’t wait to see Danny show her what real love and passion is all about. She kept me wanting to dive beneath the layers of her persona to get to know the young woman who was just waiting to blossom in self confidence and sexuality. I enjoyed every moment with this nanny who has finally found her “band” of people that will show her unconditional love.

Jerica MacMillan delivers another scorching tale of love with one of the hottest fictional bands around. I highly recommend “Shouldn’t Want You” for a slow burn that is sure to warm your heart and heat your body. I absolutely adore Jerica’s books and am always clamoring for another one soon after I finish the last page of her newest story. I cannot wait to see what the sexy Cataclysm boys have in store for us in the future. With Jerica wielding the pen, it is sure to be steamy and heart melting.

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