Review: Saving Ben (The Saving Series Book 1) by Tiffany Winters

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Saving Ben by Tiffany WintersTo me there is nothing better than embarking on another fictional journey with a debut author or a “new to me” author and experience new characters and their earth shattering heat and get swept away into their imaginary world. There are no expectations just giddy excitement knowing that once the book is opened you will never be the same again, whether it is the most fantastic read or just mediocre. Tiffany exceeded all my expectations with Ben and Maggie in every way. The story was full of emotion and depth and the desire between them was palpable and was a “fourth of July” scorcher. Tiffany takes us to a quaint coffee shop in Portland Oregon to watch the sparks fly and love explode and change their world.

Ben Fisher is rock star hiding out under a scruffy beard and doing his best to avoid papparazzi and his past. That is until he runs into the most beautiful barista and knows that he must stay away from her or confront his demons. Ben seduced me with his mystery, gorgeous body, and his “melt your panties” bedroom talk and sexy moves. I wanted to crawl inside his mind and learn more about this tormented, delicious hero such as what created his self loathing and feel every strangled moan and uttered word of desire between him and Maggie.

“It was as if he were most comfortable not being noticed, attempting to contain his brand of charisma, rather than projecting it out into the world. The beard, the long hair — they seemed like camouflage. I could relate to the urge to hide.”

Maggie Nelson also has her running shoes on in an attempt to stay away from an evil from her childhood. She spends her days working at a coffee shop and her evenings feeling a little empty. That is until a bearded hottie keeps venturing into her work and she finds her thoughts constantly straying to him. There is something about this enigmatic man that keeps her wanting to get closer and discover the man beneath the disheveled facade. Maggie shows such strength and has a mysterious and heartbreaking past of her own that draws a reader in until you can’t help but bond with this heroine that not only takes life in stride and isn’t afraid to put take a leap of faith and put her heart on the line.

“Like him, she held a part of herself back. It wasn’t something the average person would notice, but Ben had spotted it immediately. A woman like that needed the tender parts of herself protected, cared for.”

Tiffany Winters delivers a story that will grip your heart, fire up your libido, and leave you pining for more. I highly recommend Saving Ben for a read that will is sure to have you craving a dark and mysterious rock star with a rockin’ body and filthy words. Tiffany impressed and charmed me with her writing of complex and riveting characters and their dark and twisted past. I look forward to reading many more of her books and hopefully experience more of Maggie’s roommate and Ben’s band mates along with another round of steam and heart wrenching emotion.

“I need to be with you. I need to be inside you, over you, under you. I need to taste every inch of your skin and make you come a thousand different ways.”

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