Review: Roman ( Cold Fury Hockey #7)

I received a copy via Net Galley in exchange for an honest review

Roman by Sawyer BennettHaving already met and spent time with Hawke and Max in Cold Fury Hockey #5 & #6, I knew that I couldn’t wait to get some quality time on and off the ice with Roman in Cold Fury Hockey #7. Yeah I know, I am a rebel, I just had to start in the middle of a series but Sawyer Bennett had already become one of my favorite authors and I was more than ready to see how sexy she could make hockey…and boy does she! In Roman she gives us the bad boy of hockey who has a hot temper on the ice and a free spirited barista that intrigues him from the moment they meet. Both Roman and Lexi melted my heart with his aloof, never had a family to love persona and her fun loving, go with the flow, searching for her true identity, optimistic self. They may have heated things up between the sheets but they also had my heart a ooey gooey mess. Sawyer Bennet gave us so much heart in this book with not only the point of view of the hero and heroine but also Lexi’s potential dad Brian. She gives us not only a hottie on the ice but an older more distinguished gentlemen to fall for as well.

Lexi Robertson is searching for the truth about who her dad is after her mother recently passed away. So here she is among the hockey royalty of Cold Fury asking to be let in to Brian and Gray’s world, who she believes are her dad and sister. Things become a jumbled up mess when she is taken by surprise with her attraction towards the sexy and temperamental Roman. Lexi charmed me with her whimsical and quirky persona and her huge heart. She is an easy to love heroine that keeps you mesmerized with her ukulele playing ways and desire to be a part of a family.

Roman Sykora sets all the readers hearts aflutter with his broody, I will follow my own rules consequences be damned attitude. Add in his hockey honed body and you have a hero that leaves us all salivating and in a daze. There was no way for Lexi to resist this scrumptious piece of man candy and I couldn’t either.

Sawyer Bennett delivers another heart shattering, ice melting read to her Cold Fury Hockey series that tantalizes our taste buds but never fully satisfies our craving for these hot, aggressive, ice skating heroes. So while I wait for another jersey wearing hottie to be released by Sawyer, I might just have to go and visit Alex and some of the others from the beginning of the series to feed my appetite. I highly recommend Roman for a romance that hits both the heart and the libido at full speed!

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