Review: Resplendent Rage by Bella J

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

Having read the ending to Lexi and Levi’s story in Resplendent Rush, I was left pulling my hair out in frustration to read Kim and Jax’s story in Resplendent Rage. I just HAD to know what happens with their undeniable attraction but also if Kim is rescued from her demented abductor. Bella J has drawn me into this world, locked me in, and thrown away the key. She has become a captor of not only my imagination but also my heart. I have become attached to all of the characters with my mind left wandering and unable to focus and wanting to read more from this fast paced, heart stopping series. Resplendent Rage is packed full of action, darkness, off the charts sexual tension, and mind blowing sex! Kim and Jax know how to take suspense and sensuality to the next level and leave the reader dazed, aroused, and begging for more.

“He never should have sought out his brother’s help. But he had no one else to turn to, no one else who could help him.”

It was heart wrenching reading about Kim Price waking up disoriented and completely unaware of the evil that was about to unfold. I loved getting to delve deeper into the psyche of Lexi’s best friend and business partner. This beautiful red head came across as meek and subdued in Rush but Bella shows us early on in Rage that she is a fiery spitfire that can be reckless and a danger to herself if it means sparing hurt or harm to someone else. She has equal parts temper and compassion and it gave her a special place in my heart for all that she is willing to sacrifice for others and admiration for the way she could stand her ground whether it was a psychotic captor or the sexy Jax.

“She would not cry. She would not scream. But she would fight every step of the way. Kim would fight until her last breath.”

Jax Buchanan is trouble with a capital T even if he is delicious as sin and could illicit a feral response from any female. Over the years due to wanting to provide for his family, he has thrown himself into a dark world and now has very few options of getting out. When he goes to his brother Levi and runs into the red headed beauty, he knows that he has to stay away from her for her own safety, no matter how tempting she is. I thought I loved Levi but when Jax (a younger, more dangerous version of him) showed up on Levi’s door step, I knew that he was going to be the kind of bad boy sexy that leaves a reader sighing with hearts in their eyes. What I didn’t expect was that under those rippling muscles and tattooed skin lay the armor of a knight because that is exactly what he is to Kim.

“I’ve dreamt about what it would be like, what it would feel like, to be with you-to be able to move inside you. To have your heat around me.”

I have grown to truly love all of the characters in the Resplendence series and the unique, engrossing stories of each couple. I cannot wait to see what Bella J has planned next for this engaging group of friends that have captured readers interest. I highly recommend for a dark, suspenseful ride that involves a combustible couple that were destined to have both their hearts intertwined.


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