Review! Raging Heart On (Lucas Brother #2) by Jordan Marie

Raging Heart OnHaving never read anything by Jordan Marie, I was tempted by reading the blurb for Raging Heart On. I decided to take a chance and read it before I meet Jordan at the Shameless author signing event later this year. I’m glad I did! From the moment that I read the first page and met the Lucas family, I was hooked and kept constantly laughing or practically combusting from the passion between White and Kayla. It wasn’t long before I was sitting at the Lucas’ dining room table listening to the brothers trade insults and learning how quirky and great their mother Ida Sue can be. There wasn’t anything that I didn’t love about Raging Heart On from the humor, heat, and angsty situations!

Kayla had me wanting to delve deep into her psyche to find out why she thinks that she is not worthy of anyone’s love, especially not White’s. It didn’t take long for me to take a liking to her and want to see her get hot and heavy with White and get the happy ever after and the child she wants so very badly.

White had me falling so hard for him and his entire kooky family. When I wasn’t laughing over his family’s colorful names and inappropriate talk, I was fanning myself over the heat between him and Kayla that ignites everyone around them. It may have taken him a long time to realize what Kayla means to him but once he knows, he is all in! Who doesn’t want a man who has the rugged good looks, charm, and finally sees that his soul mate was beside him all along.

Jordan Marie delivers us to a fictional world that brings us countless smiles and oh so much heat! I highly recommend Raging Heart On for a couple that will keep you more than entertained through the pages and leave you wanting more of them and the rest of the Lucas clan. Now that I have truly fallen in love with all of these characters, I must go back and read Perfect Stroke so that I can experience Gray and CC’s love story while I wait for Happy Trail to be released and get up close and personal with Petal and Luka. I truly love every one of these characters and can’t wait to visit again and again.

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